Case Study: CashCashPinoy

CashCashPinoy is a local ecommerce website that helps users find the best bargains and deals for products, travel, beauty treatments, and more. Launched in 2010, the website has become the go-to website for great online deals.


We intook CashCashPinoy’s campaign in September 2013. Through consistent collaboration with the client and proper page submissions to Google Webmaster Tools, we managed to improve their traffic, overall revenue, and search rankings within a month.

The Challenge

The main challenge for this campaign was to increase the website’s indexed pages to get better traffic and conversions. The number of indexed pages a website has can affect the number of users landing on specific page, especially for e-commerce websites with a lot of individual product pages.

The Results

This campaign’s success was made possible by the client’s willingness to cooperate. We worked closely with them and they allowed us access to their website’s Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics to let us look into the site’s overall structure and come up with a sound optimization plan based on our assessments.

Our efforts successfully:

  • Significantly increased the amount of indexed pages
  • Increased and maintained overall site traffic
  • Increased overall revenues