TrueLogic in Tiptop Shape: A Day of Health & Wellness 2017

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It’s easy to forget about health when we’re too wrapped up in work.

Luckily, the TrueLogic family knows that health shouldn’t be taken for granted. To keep its employees happy and healthy (and well supplied with freebies), TrueLogic held its annual Day of Health and Wellness on August 31, 2017.

The annual health day is a way to alert employees of their health condition. Our lifestyle partners set up booths in the hallway, ready to check if we were in tip-top shape. There were goodies for everyone, too.

Day of Health and Wellness

Keeping Senses Alive

A bright smile is not enough – the entire mouth must be clean and healthy, too. Since brushing alone won’t work, our partners from Oracare came to the rescue! They presented employees with products to help us get sparkling teeth and healthy smiles.

Health Partners - OraCare and Paterno Eye Care Center

Living in the age of smartphones and computers, we all see the importance of eye health. Recognizing this, our partners from Paterno Eye Care Center gave employees free eye check-ups. They also brought a variety of eyeglasses and frames for those needing an eyewear upgrade or looking for that extra specs appeal.

We did not forget our skin, either – it is, after all, our first line of defense. To supply our skin care needs, Simply Nature Organics and India Herbs and Supplements brought fragrant oils and skincare products. Simply Nature Organics’ selection of essential oils, mosquito repellants, underarm whitening creams, and anti-bacterial sprays reminded us how keeping our skin flawless feels good.

Health Partner - Simply Nature Organics and India Herbs and Supplements


Checking Signs of Wellness

Now, flawless skin may be a sign of health, but health shouldn’t be just skin deep. We also need to eat good food to achieve a healthy weight and maintain proper digestion. With Yakult and Gardenia coming in to offer their products, we were in good hands. Those who bought Yakult’s milk not only got a good deal, but were given extra bottles free of charge.

A healthy diet isn’t hard to reach, but it can be difficult to eat good food that doesn’t taste good. Our friends from Gardenia believe the same thing. Their tasty bread samples were filling and provided the fiber we need. Also, since too much of the good stuff can be bad, Gardenia offered a free Body Mass Index check to see if employees need to trim down or bulk up.

But weight! Weight isn’t the only indicator of health; blood pressure and blood sugar content are strong factors. To take care of these two, our partners from Health Allies monitored the employees’ BP and conducted blood sugar testing. Prosel Pharma Inc. and Pascual Laboratories gave away vitamin samples and C-Lium Fiber products, respectively.

Health Partner - White Flower Embrocation

Once in a while, our body needs pampering. The stress from home and work can cause body aches and muscle tension. Our partners from White Flower Embrocation were heaven sent (with their heavenly scented oils and treatments). They offered a free massage to relax our muscles and soothe our aches. At TrueLogic, employees work hard – we deserved a few minutes of relaxation.

Getting into the Groove

Of course, we did not stop at checking our health-o-meters – we pumped them up, too! The Hip Hop Class by Anytime Fitness gave employees a chance to have fun while sweating it out on the rooftop. The energy was so high that not even the rain could stop them. (And we discovered that some of our colleagues had great moves!) Dancing together forged friendships among colleagues.

Hip Hop Class by Anytime Fitness

Of course, it’s not health and wellness day if there’s no food! TrueLogic employees shared a hearty meal that night during the Birthday Kainan. But it wasn’t your ordinary buffet; it was a balanced menu of healthy dishes.

Staying Healthy the TrueLogic Way

At TrueLogic, health goes beyond the physical. By ensuring our mental, emotional and social well-being as well, TrueLogic Health and Wellness Day 2017 revived our spirit for fun and our drive to carry out daily challenges with ease.


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