Productivity at Work: Tapping into our Inner Creative

Pablo Picasso was right when he said that “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”As adults, we become creatures of conformity, we resist things that break our routine or move us out of our comfort zones.  The uncertainty of change and the fear of being different stifle our ability to steer a path away from a conformist herd.

TrueLogic caters to many diverse clients who demand variety all the time, so we know first-hand the value of creativity – that unstoppable force that ignites ideas, sells our products and services at the drop of a hat, and make everyone in the organization thrive in the short and long run.

Our recruitment process is rigorous because we are in constant search of creative spirits begging to break free. We provide them with an environment where their imagination can flourish and immerse them in a culture that promotes intuitive experimentation, open communication, and close collaboration.

Here are just some of the ways we nurture our creative capital:

We make every idea count – we encourage everyone to express their ideas right away. It doesn’t have to be polished nor perfectly conceived. We just want it heard in case someone in the group can improve on it.

No to over analyzing – over analyzing makes us doubt our ideas and kills our motivation to contribute more.

If there’s no way, we create one– we thrive under constraints. Nothing is too scarce nor too limiting for us, we breathe resourcefulness and ingenuity into our work regardless of the circumstances.

We challenge each other’s ideas – we engage in healthy disagreements. We don’t subscribe to what is, we look further and seek solutions to what could be.

We have fun – we agree with David Ogilvy, the best ideas come as jokes so we make our thinking as insanely funny as possible.

Creative Play – Our brainstorming sessions are not defined by rules. We take a break to loosen up, browse through magazines, watch quick videos, and do other things that let inspiration freely flow.

Like any organization, our most vital asset isn’t technology, software system, or our facilities – it’s the creativity of our talent pipeline. They come in all forms: accountants, webmasters, account managers, HR specialists, designers, writers, and SEO experts. We may not always bring out the inner children in us but when we have to, we let everyone revel in their creativity and believe in the value of what they make out of it.

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