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Digital Marketing for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Empower your Customers with Digital Marketing Strategies for Pharma Companies

Help customers find you online and offline with pharma digital marketing services

Health-related events in 2020 have turned into a unique digital marketing opportunity for pharma and healthcare companies. They’ve accelerated the timeline for highly anticipated developments such as pharmaceutical e-commerce, online patient counseling (or “telemedicine”), and other forms of real-time or near real-time engagement between healthcare/pharma providers and customers.

Customer expectations regarding quality pharma and healthcare service have also risen dramatically in response to these events. It is up to you to ensure your brand achieves and maintains customer experiences that match these expectations.

Digital marketing for Pharmacies
Digital Marketing Services for Pharmacies

The digital healthcare eco-system will continue to expand and consolidate – and brands who’ve led the charge in adapting to these changes and transforming themselves will emerge as the leaders in the segment.

Don’t get left behind. It’s important to communicate your evolution to your consumers.

Harness the power of digital marketing for the pharma companies. Now and in the months to come it’s important to activate a solid digital marketing plan for your pharmaceuticals or consumer healthcare company, with strategic initiatives that enhance the way you connect, engage, and nurture your customers.

Talk to Truelogic about developing a digital marketing plan for your pharmacy brand or consumer healthcare products. Our digital marketing services will you craft savvy campaigns that increase your brand visibility, promote your latest products, and strengthen your presence at critical customer touchpoints.


Improve your brand’s search rankings for information, locations, and product listings

Various guidelines set by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Health (DOH), and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) place several ethical limitations on the promotion of prescription pharmaceuticals and medical devices on mass media.

At the same time, digitally savvy, empowered consumers are proactively searching online for more information related to their healthcare.

Allow your customers to take a more active role in their own care by helping them find online resources through SEO for pharma companies.

SEO for pharmaceutical company products and services will help your customers find the right information related to your brand. By securing the way your customers find this information, you maintain your position as a trusted, authoritative source.
SEO for pharma companies and the consumer health care industry also allows you to connect to customers looking beyond trusted sources of info and have the intent to buy. You can connect them to your stores using local SEO – or deploy a SEO for e-commerce campaign that enhances search and retrieval of your products intended for online purchase.

We’ve got more than a decade’s experience executing campaigns that create brand awareness and interest. Our suite of search engine optimization services can bring website visitors closer to conversions – increasing sales and creating higher loyalty amongst your customers.


Help your brand gain hyper-local advantage by improving your chances of getting customers into stores near them.

Local SEO takes care business listings, improves location-based search, and elevates your brand’s chances in search results when connected to other directory services and listings – which we’ll take care of. 



In an increasingly mobile-first online environment, your customers expect your website to load fast, wherever they are – at home, at work, or on the go.

Give your customers a better online experience by allowing them to find the info they seek without waiting needlessly for your website to load.

We’ll review your site’s back end for any programming issues that might be slowing it down.


On-page and off-page SEO optimization require technical skill, semantic precision, and creativity.

We’ll structure the text on your website to make it “SEO-friendly”, making it easy to crawl, scan, and index accurately.

We’ll also strengthen page and domain authority with strategic placement of backlinks. The overall goal is to send Google and other search engines the right signals that will increase overall website rankability.


Stay on top of customer conversations with social media for pharmaceutical companies

Social media platforms are an important component of a brand’s voice on the internet. It is an effective, timely, and immediate way of connecting to customers. Pharmacy brands can use social media platforms like Facebook to launch promotional campaigns, share news about the latest product offerings, and invite consumers to useful and entertaining events.

It’s also your chance to establish dialogues with concerned or unhappy customers, reward your biggest brand advocates, and grow a community of users who’ll constantly share the good news about you.

Get effective social media services for pharmaceutical companies that reaches out, connects, and nurtures your online community. We’ll help amplify your brand’s social media presence with effective campaigns that you can monitor and evaluate.

We’ll also help you operate pharmacy social media marketing and advertising campaigns whenever the need arises – to increase your brand’s tactical agility and convert social media activity into measurable sales.

social media strategies for real estate


The promotional post you create about brand promotions or medical events can and should be used across all your earned media channels. Share quick, easy to read posts and infographics on Facebook and Instagram. Send timely tweets on Twitter. For more focused, B2B audiences, there’s also LinkedIn to tap into.


Connecting to your social communities accelerates the amount of info you can gather on customer sentiment and excitement about your brand – much faster than other info gathering and listening tools, such as in-depth interviews and FGD.


This is your chance to communicate in many formats – not just text and still photography. It’s your way to capture the young, visually oriented segments of your market with new brand storytelling techniques that communicate instantly and effectively.
Web design for pharmaceutical companies


Web Design for Pharmaceutical companies that moves products and increases customer satisfaction

Your website is your main home on the internet – and on your website, you can have maximum control over content, user experience, and customer experience. Gone are the days that websites will function as pure informational sites, with no opportunity for customer interaction, or real, online driven, e-commerce sales. 

Expand brand possibilities with professional web design and development services that understand the pharmaceutical aspects of your business. We’ll do the pre-work – audit and evaluate your current website; review content silos and functionalities. Then we’ll work with you to design – or re-design your website according to your latest marketing goals.

We can help you set an e-commerce-functional website that’s also SEO-friendly – using leading platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. No need for complicated, back-end content management systems that you cannot operate yourself. We’ll design your site, build it, deploy it – and teach you how to manage it – because the best website design service providers empower their customers.


Pivot your pharmaceutical business toward e-commerce – and help your brand increase its sales targets with wider, better optimized online channels through our web design services. Talk to us about the right web design-driven inventory and sales management solution that makes sense for you.


SEO matters more than ever for e-commerce driven brands that want to increase their sales across multiple channels. Our web design services for the pharma industry begin with the end in mind – helping your company connect effectively to your customers with structured web content that optimizes product and informational searches – and helps customers buy the products they want.


Let us help you craft content that helps you achieve your goals at every stage of the sales funnel. Create interest in your products and help consumers compare and evaluate. We’ll recommend and execute content that not only informs and educates your customer; we’ll help you use this content to drive real sales – converting visitors into real buyers.


Reaching Out to Pharma Customers in Search of Your Products and Services

PPC has an important role to play in jumpstarting any marketing campaign with specific conversion targets. In this day and age, however, you also need highly skilled professionals to handle paid advertising services for pharmaceutical companies that (a) keep you on budget and (b) understand how to pivot your paid online ad campaigns to improve your ad placement rankings.

Hire Truelogic for all of your PPC advertising services requirements. We’ll design a PPC campaign for pharmaceutical companies like yours that understands your customers and drives them to click on your ads. We’ll craft effective campaigns that lead people searching online to pages of your choice – whether it’s for informational or sales purposes.

We’ll share our expertise in the Google Search and Display Ads networks to increase your pharma brand’s presence on the internet and integrate your paid online campaign with your other marketing efforts. More importantly, we’ll provide you with rich analytical insight into the success of your campaigns – and how to sharpen your online advertising campaigns according to these findings.


Our Adwords campaign managers are Google Adwords Certified pros. We’ve run dozens of PPC Campaigns for real estate both locally and internationally. Our secret: constant training, certification, and use of the best tools and practices. The practices and methodology we use on your real estate PPC campaign is the same methodology we use for our brand.


Get on top of your ad creation game with expert keyword analysis that improves ad rankings, increases ad impressions, and drives click through rates.


Remind your customers about products they’ve viewed – and lead them back to the shopping cart to help them complete their purchases. Bring back the casual visitors who’ve browsed your website and entice them into getting a newsletter subscription, availing of your latest promotions, or helping them make their first online buy on your site.


Position your brand as the voice of authority with pharma brand content marketing services

Now, more than ever, it’s time to stand out with top quality content that serves your customers best – in the way only your brand can do. Content marketing and content creation for the consumer health industry can be highly complex and technical in nature, but it cannot be overlooked. It’s a strategic activity that reaps high rewards and puts you in the position to show you truly care about your customers’ health and well-being.  

Work with us to develop a brand-unique content marketing strategy that anticipates and fulfills your brand users’ needs when they research you online. We’ll integrate SEO and creative content strategy seamlessly onto your website, capturing their research efforts with intent-driven content creation.

We’ll make sure this content marketing strategy is relevant for your pharmaceutical audiences – that it understands who your customers are, builds loyalty amongst your readers – and leads them to intelligent, informed choices with information you’ve carefully provided to them. 

Truelogic is here to drive your content marketing services plan to fruition. We’ll partner with you and create content that truly resonates with your audiences and nurtures their relationship with your brand.


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