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As a leading provider of SEO services in the Philippines, we offer top-notch SEO solutions that are tailored to your business needs.

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    Our Strategies have driven results for our Clients and Partners because we begin from strong foundations: Understanding Your Brand and Business Goals.

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    With years of SEO experience, we tailor action plans to each website, blending data-driven insights. As a trusted name for SEO in the Philippines, we use a holistic approach to propel your business to its peak digital performance.

    Boost your visibility, traffic, and leads with our best practices, including:

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    Your Goals,
    Our Obsession

    The two most important pillars of any result-driven SEO campaign are business goals and audience insight.

    We zero in on the metrics that matter most to the business and obsessively work to achieve those targets. And of course, every business wants to be ambitious, but we’re famous for setting expectations about what is achievable and what is not.

    • 1.5 million user increase in 6 months for Banking
    • 25% year-on-year organic traffic growth for Real Estate
    • 1.5 million user increase in 6 months for Logistics
    • 750,000 visitors in 8 months for e-Commerce
    • 4x increase in traffic for B2B services

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy that aims to win high-ranking positions on search engine websites such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO achieves this by targeting keywords, creating relevant content, and building links from other authoritative websites.

    No one can predict what Google’s next move will be. Additionally, because SEO strategies will depend on how the landscape works, we don’t guarantee instant traffic. SEO is a long-term strategy and we’re there every step of the way. Positive ranking movement is estimated to appear anywhere from three to six months. Give us approximately six to eight months to get your keywords on the first page.

    It does! We tailor your SEO strategy to deliver the best results and achieve your business objectives. Our team is comprised of SEO specialists with years of experience under their belt. They’ll be responsible for analyzing what aspects of your website need to be improved starting with a comprehensive website audit using our tools and technology.

    Yes. Our SEO services adhere to Google’s guidelines to ensure websites don’t get penalized. We monitor how the search landscape changes and see the effects of algorithms to develop an SEO marketing strategy that puts your website in the favor of search engines.

    Of course! Our SEO specialists generate weekly and monthly reports and your project manager will walk you through the changes to your website. The reports will reflect your search performance, keywords you should be targeting, and a detailed analysis of the results following the launch. Accurate and timely reporting is key to the success of your campaign!

    Our team of experts is capable of optimizing websites for a variety of niches locally and internationally. Examples of industries we’ve provided SEO for include real estate, hotels and resorts, finance, e-commerce, and insurance. Regardless of the niche, we give value by maximizing your online marketing efforts with our proven methodology.

    We operate on a prepaid basis for our services. Clients must pay three to seven days before we launch an SEO campaign. Once we provide an invoice, you can send your payments through bank transfers, deposits, or cheque transactions. We strive to make it easy to do business with us!

    Yes, we do require clients to sign a contract with a minimum period of three months. SEO is a game of strategy and time. If you want to see real results, patience is required but don’t worry, we’ll keep you constantly updated. We don’t recommend doing SEO for one month because traffic fluctuations are likely to happen anywhere after three to six months.

    Success by Design

    Success by Design

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    SEO 101

    Truelogic DX Masterclass

    The Truelogic DX Masterclass is a two-hour seminar that will cover the fundamentals of SEO and its practical application in today’s digital world. You’ll hear some of the best practices applied to SMEs and Enterprise businesses, borrowing from more than two decades of hands-on experience and learnings by Bernard and the Truelogic Team.

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