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    Many businesses struggle to generate leads through their social media channels.

    As an experienced agency, we know how to leverage the power of social media to create effective lead generation strategies. Whether it’s through targeted ad campaigns, compelling content, or engaging with followers, we can help your business reach its full potential on social media.

    Join our clients in saying goodbye to failed ad campaigns and hello to a steady stream of qualified leads.

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    Make it Easier for Your Customers to Find Your Brand Online

    Whatever your social media marketing goals may be as a business, Truelogic is the local SMM lead generation agency that enterprise brands trust.

    Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, community engagement, website traffic, or sales – generating more leads, nurturing them, and getting these users to convert requires a carefully crafted strategy – especially since your business is going to be using social media, where trust and authenticity is essential.

    As a platform for interacting with others online, social media can serve as the bridge between your brand and your customers.

    Knowing how to maximize this relationship can be tricky, but with our cost-effective SMM lead generation services, you can expect our team to deliver:

    • Expert analysis of your audience and their behavior
    • Customized campaigns that speak to your audience’s interests and needs
    • Consistent engagement to build your brand’s reputation and foster loyalty
    • Higher quality leads that have a higher chance of conversion

    What Businesses Need to Consider in Social Media Marketing

    Truelogic DX Webinar Series

    In this episode of the Truelogic DX, Bernard is joined by Jonas de los Reyes, the Vice President of Digital and Omnichannel Design at Metrobank, as they home in on the importance of social media in expanding customer engagement and driving digital transformation.

    Tune in right now to discover the role of online customer service in promoting customer retention and loyalty, along with insights from our experts and the rest of the Truelogic Team.

    Maximize Your Social Media Channels

    SMM Lead Generation: More Than Just Facebook Ads

    At Truelogic, we understand that there’s more to social media marketing lead generation than just boosting sponsored ads on Facebook. While ads may cast a wide net, they may not necessarily provide the best catch.

    With our SMM lead generation services, we can help you reach your marketing goals through various targeted campaigns. We go beyond just Facebook ads and work closely with you to develop a strategy that aligns with your business goals and speaks to your true customers.

    Our proven track record speaks for itself. Here are some examples of how we’ve helped our clients:

    • Our real estate social media campaign generated significant traffic to our client’s website with a low CPC of PHP 1.00 and a high CTR of 11.61%.
    • For an educational institution, we generated 1,000 leads per month and enrolled 12,053 students through a successful lead generation campaign.
    • Our engagement campaigns effectively engaged with our target audience with a low cost per engagement (CPE) of only 0.07 PHP.

    Get better ROI from organic marketing

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Social media lead generation is the process of identifying and attracting potential customers on social media platforms, with the goal of turning them into actual leads, and eventually, customers. This involves creating targeted content, engaging with prospects, and utilizing various tools and strategies to capture their contact information and move them through the sales funnel.

    Social media organic lead generation refers to the process of generating leads on social media through non-paid or natural methods, such as creating valuable content, optimizing profiles, and building relationships with followers.

    On the one hand, what makes it different from social media paid lead generation is that the latter involves using advertising and paid promotion to reach a wider audience and drive more leads.

    The cost of social media marketing for lead generation in the Philippines can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the type of business, the target audience, the goals, and the specific strategies and tools used.

    However, generally speaking, social media lead generation can be a cost-effective way to attract and convert potential customers compared to traditional marketing methods.

    Feel free to send us a message to get a more accurate quote for your needs.

    Social media lead generation can be effective as a strategy for several reasons, such as:

    • Its ability to reach a wide audience
    • Its potential for targeted and personalized messaging
    • Its ability to build relationships and trust with prospects

    By leveraging social media’s features and tools, businesses can identify and engage with high-quality leads, nurture them through the funnel, and ultimately, drive conversions and revenue.

    Yes, social media can be an effective channel for B2B lead generation, even for businesses that are not B2C.

    While social media platforms are often associated with consumer marketing, they also offer opportunities for B2B companies to reach decision-makers, establish thought leadership, and build relationships with potential partners and clients.

    By creating valuable content, engaging with prospects, and utilizing social media’s targeting and advertising options, B2B businesses can generate quality leads and drive business growth.

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