Facebook Rolls Out ‘Promoted Page Likes’ Worldwide

Initially offered in the U.S. last December, Facebook recently announced the global launch of Promoted Page Likes. Designed primarily with small and mid-sized businesses in mind, this new feature provides companies a simpler way to acquire more Likes to their Facebook Page. Compared to the more technical Facebook Advertising, owners of company pages no longer need huge ad budgets nor sophisticated targeting to gain more following.

How it works

As long as your page has a profile photo and a location, you’ll automatically have the ‘promote page’ option available in your admin panel. Look for Get More Likes found on the bottom left corner, and follow these three steps:

1. Select a Daily Budget – Your daily budget refers to the amount you’re willing to spend for your ad. This determines how many people are likely to see your ads, which means that bigger budgets translate to more chances of attracting more prospects to like your page. Your ad budget options are limited to what Facebook offers.

According to Facebook’s Help Center, “If you choose a $10 daily budget and run your promotion for 7 days, you’ll be charged up to $70. Each day begins at midnight, so if you start your promotion at 8pm, your first day will only last 4 hours before your daily budget resets for the next, full 24-hour day.”

Note that you will be charged continuously until you stop your ads, so make sure that you do so the moment you reach your desired number of new fans. To stop promoting your page:

  • a. Go to your Page’s admin panel
  • b. In Your Page Ad box, click Edit ▪ Stop Ad
  • c. Click Stop Ad found on the lower left corner
  • d. In the confirmation box, click Stop Ad

2. Target Your Ads – Choose the location of the users you want to target. These could be near your business, city, state or country.

3. Promote Your Page – Your ad will include a link that makes it easy for people to like your page.

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