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Online Ads Ninja-Style: Retargeting

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Not all visitors to your website end up converting into a sale, but it does not mean that they will never ever become a customer either.  What if you could be given a second chance at selling to all your lost prospects? Online banner ads can be created so that it discretely follows your lost prospects and tries to lure them back.

Since you’re reading this, I can safely assume you’ve seen an online banner ad at least once.  Let me refresh your memory:


Have you ever noticed that these ads often match your interests? One of the ways a person’s interest is determined on the internet is by tracking what website he/she previously visited. Do all websites do this? Many business websites (especially e-commerce) do using retargeting ads.

Retargeting ads are online banners that are displayed as a result of a prospect having previously visited your website. Typically these are people who look around your website but do not convert and then leave your website.

It works by installing a tracking code into their internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) when they visit your website. It ‘marks’ that person for ad networks to know that he/she visited your website. Yes it is legal to do this provided the user is made aware of this.

These banner ads are displayed in many websites across the internet. These websites lease areas in their site to ad networks specifically for banners.  But how will the website know what ads to show you?

The tracking code that was put into your prospect’s computer by your website will determine what ads to show your prospect when they visit other websites with ad space. Examples of sites with ads are or even free email – typically these are highly visited places with millions of visitors. Ad networks often have a huge inventory of websites to display ads in – this also explains why it sometimes seems like the ads ‘follow’ you.

Retargeting Ad

So what happens when one of your lost visitors clicks your ad? They get sent straight to your website to whatever page you want whether it’s your services page or product page it’s up to you. From there the ball is in your hands to seal the deal.


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