Truelogic Episode 29 Recap: Starting a Career in Digital Marketing Part 2

In the first part, we talked about the demand for digital marketers, the advantages of choosing a career in this field, and most notably the skills needed to be a digital marketer

This time, we’ll talk about some tips on landing a job in this industry and how you can improve and transform your skills in digital marketing. There are many ways to start your career and stand out from the rest. This podcast will help you on your digital marketing journey with some advice, tips, and insights to transform your skills in the field and to be a few steps ahead of this industry’s game.

Podcast Transcription

Ibarra Villaseran: Earlier, we talked about the demand for digital marketers, the advantages of choosing a career in this field, and most notably the skills needed to be a digital marketer. So, this time we’re gonna be talking about some tips on landing a job in this industry and how you can improve and transform your skill in this field. So before everything else, even just jumping in, so today with us is Eugene Pidlaoan our HR business partner for Truelogic. So Eugene, how do you start a career in digital marketing? Where does it all begin?

Eugene Pidlaoan: I think you should start with a specific purpose in mind. Why would you want to become a digital marketer regardless if you were influenced in doing digital marketing or you’ve discovered it on your own?

I think that’s not important. What is important in reality is to identify your purpose. Why do you want to become a digital marketer? And if you have that drive in mind, then you can already move forward.

Ibarra Villaseran: Do you see this in the people that you interview which is that, are you looking, is this one of those things that you, you are also looking for? Which is why did they want to become a digital marketer? What was their motivation?

Eugene Pidlaoan: I asked this, yes. But surprisingly, not all guys would have a reason why they wanted to be a digital marketer, I also encountered a specific conversation before and I mean, surprisingly, the person said ‘There’s a job opening.’

At the end of the day, getting into something is, again, one thing. Sustaining that interest of yours is another. And when you become part of a company, or probably when you decide to jump, shift in or start a career in digital marketing, you must be sure that you wanted to be a digital marketer.

Ibarra Villaseran: It’s true, which is now, what is the motivation? Because it’s the motivation that will sustain you. So, the key question is why. So, let’s just assume that the why was answered, whether it was a deep enough motivation or maybe as simple as ‘ there’s a job opening’. But where do you start? So given this, what’s the first step?

Eugene Pidlaoan: I highly recommend at least looking for certifications for digital marketing may it be free or paid. Then you also have to at least understand what digital marketing is. I sometimes, ask questions about what an example of digital marketing is, and you’d be surprised some would say, ‘the billboard’.

Ibarra Villaseran: That’s not a digital market. I mean, it’s the digital billboard, but it’s not necessarily the digital marketing, the discipline. So people still get confused with funding as simple as that.

Eugene Pidlaoan: To start, they should know the difference between traditional marketing in digital marketing. Then eventually, if they understand this, they could distinguish what SEO is, what SEM is, what social is, and the likes. just the foundation of it, meaning the understanding of it, if you know it.

Sometimes, I get into a conversation and ask them, what do you think is SEO? Or what do you know about SEO? Then sometimes, they don’t know about it, so we will pause a bit.

Ibarra Villaseran: There’s a barrier to entry if you want to know SEO, is there a need to pay? Do I need to subscribe, or are there free materials out there?

Eugene Pidlaoan: Certifications out there can be for free or paid. I mean, we would appreciate it if it is paid, because of the knowledge that they will get from it. Sometimes, there are assignments out of it. I think being proactive in looking for certifications and looking for more learning resources is what we value.

Ibarra Villaseran: So in a way, there is some monetary investment that’s needed, but this only highlights what your motivations are. Do you want to improve? And the better certifications or the more credible ones are the ones that you pay for or the courses that you you’re going for. Is that what you’re saying?

Eugene Pidlaoan: Not necessarily. Say, for example, Google Digital Garage. It’s not paid, but you learn a lot out of that already.

Ibarra Villaseran: So, what you’re saying is that, okay, there are paid options, but there’s already a wealth of free online tutorials or courses that you can already take? In a way, does that make it like there’s no excuse? Since it’s free, it’s out there. Why didn’t they take advantage of it? Do you still encounter that?

Eugene Pidlaoan: Yes. Some of them wanted to be part of the company because they want to learn more. But, we also have to take into consideration that learning is not just given by the company.

If you really would want to learn, you can also do it on your own. There are a lot of resources out there. Like the search for it and you, and you get something. Even on LinkedIn, there’s a free subscription for their learning platform.

Ibarra Villaseran: So I guess, the first step starts with you, which is that you need to do your part, which is to dive into the literature. Which is at your fingertips, literally. ‘Cause all you need to do is just go online, go to a search engine, and start searching for all of these things.

How to Stand Out?

Ibarra Villaseran: Let’s just say they’ve done that and they’re talking to you, how will they set themselves apart from other candidates that are doing the same? Because it’s free. So, other candidates are probably also trying to learn SEO or to learn Google ads or social media.

What sort of candidates stand out for you when you talk to them?

Eugene Pidlaoan: In general, I would recommend that they build their website. They can use WordPress. Originally when I started in digital marketing, I only know the basics. And eventually, if you learn something about digital marketing, you do your experimentations. It also reinforces your learning path and eventually, that would develop your strategy.

Again, let me just reiterate that digital marketing is always a game of strategy. What I do, may apply to you but what you are doing does not apply to me.

Ibarra Villaseran: So, different entry points. This was from our previous discussion of ours, which is that you can either be a generalist first and then a specialist after, or a specialist and then move on to a generalist, which is that you’re also looking at other disciplines. You’re also studying that. But Eugene, it’s interesting because you’re an HR business partner and yet you still decided to jump into it.

How about in terms of, let’s say these are the skills that will set you apart, but in terms of a particular company, how do you think that that company would pick you? Like versus everybody else?

Eugene Pidlaoan: I think, I would want to segment it into two things. One is forwarding and, or sending out your resume to the company that you would want to be in.

Tapos the other one is if you’re already invited to the interview, so maybe we could start with your paper.

Ibarra Villaseran: I guess first is that build an informative, resume for example, and then send it out. So first things first, awareness. Do they even know if you send it out first? So, make sure you’re out there. The second part that you’re saying?

Eugene Pidlaoan: Oh, the other thing that I forgot to mention is that we’re talking about free and paid training and certifications already. It’s best to highlight those on your resume. I say again, I mean, people would want to start in digital marketing. But at the end of the day, there’s an edge if you have certifications and training because at least they have an understanding at the onset.

In addition, you have to build your unique personal brand. And what I mean by this is you also have to include your hobbies and interest on your profile. I think one thing that I love about being part of a digital marketing company is they’re also looking at what your interests are on top of digital marketing and in reality, one way or another, your interests and hobbies because this will help you to become a better digital marketer.

Ibarra Villaseran: Should they research the company and at least know who they’re applying to?

Eugene Pidlaoan: That’s very important, I would say.

Ibarra Villaseran: Some people apply that they didn’t know even our company name or what we do. So guys, find out who you’re applying to, especially if they answer.

Eugene Pidlaoan: It doesn’t necessarily mean to have extensive research, but at least look for their core value. At the end of the day, you would want to become part of a company that is aligned with your values. Why are you doing digital marketing? And at the same time too, you have to also answer the why as to why you’re applying to this company. Do you align in terms of values because that will affect or impact your longevity in the craft? How about congratulations you got hired and you’re talking to, let’s say the hiring manager.

Ibarra Villaseran: What are you looking for when you’re having a conversation with a candidate?

Eugene Pidlaoan: Remember I told you about the unique personal brand? You have to highlight that when you are in the interview, per se, you have to be yourself. You also have to talk about your non-negotiable.

Ibarra Villaseran: Interesting. Improving and transforming your skills in this world, which is it’s in constant flux. How do you continually improve yourself? Let’s say you’re already in the company, you’re motivated to learn more. What are the things that you would suggest to the candidates or people who are interested in getting into digital marketing?

Eugene Pidlaoan: As mentioned, there are a lot of resources out there. There are a lot of social media groups out there anchored in your interests. Click that join button, participate, and ask questions. If there’s an opportunity, not just here in the Philippines, like virtual conferences about digital marketing, join that. And if you are in those groups, in those conferences, ask questions. In digital marketing, probably in other jobs, there’s no such thing as stupid questions. The more you ask, the more you know

Ibarra Villaseran: If I can stress one of the things that you just said also, which is that, so participate, interact, engage, but most importantly is you did mention that joins other groups so you’re not just in one silo because there’s a lot of opinion out here, which is many ways to skin the cat, many tactics or strategies that, try to join other groups which will inform also how you will develop your strategies and basically to inform your journey. Anything else that you would advise other people in their learning journey?

Eugene Pidlaoan: You have to keep learning. If you would want to start your career in digital marketing, at least look for relevant content, and subscribe to those types of content. Look for case studies already and experiment on that.

Ibarra Villaseran: I love it. Great advice, Eugene, which is that learning is not a one-trick pony. You need to deploy multiple tactics, which is that if you’re learning something. If you’re part of a course in your company, you’re lucky enough that let’s say they have an upskilling initiative.

If there’s something that interests you, that doesn’t stop you from diving in on your own and getting deeper into the subject matter. So it’s deploying all these things. It’s not just I’m learning because it’s the learning program of my company. So, it doesn’t end there. it’s deploying multiple skills as well in terms of learning.

Thank you for listening to another episode of the Truelogic DX podcast. So, thank you, Eugene, for your insights. I am pretty sure it was helpful to our listeners. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Spotify, Google, and Apple accounts and set up your alert for new episodes. We’ll see you in the next episode.

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