Facebook Wins: What SMEs Can Learn from Big Brands

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Small and medium enterprises serve as the major driver for growth in the Philippines. As statistics show, 99.6% of registered businesses in the country are in the SME sector. And this is expected to grow with the Philippines being the top-performing economy in the Southeast Asian region. This poses a question, “How do you win customers with thousands of SMEs that are likely to compete against your business?”

One of your solutions comes in the form of social media: Facebook. The Philippines has around 42.1 million active Facebook users. With the convenience and the wide reach the social network provides, it would be a chance too good to pass up for your marketing efforts.

It’s not too late to give your social media marketing a boost. Here are a few Facebook marketing wins you can learn from top brands:

Your Value Proposition is Your Winning Tool

Every business has a value proposition that makes them worthy of attention, but how do you earn the spotlight? It all boils down to being clear with the value you are offering. Determining your value proposition makes it easier to narrow down your customer target and scale your marketing efforts.

One brand that exemplifies their value proposition well is Nike. The famous apparel and footwear brand emphasizes uniqueness by showing the science that goes into each product. They also feature different pages for each of their product lines for more effective customer targeting. Each of their value propositions reflects the interests of their target audience, which makes them a winner in the social scene.

Stories Offer a Deeper Connection

Social media users are perceptive, and the best way to connect with such an audience is through personal accounts. If you look at viral posts, you’ll find the common this common denominator: they are real stories.

Dove is successful in using stories as social media marketing collateral. Unlike some brands that use videos for commercial, Dove features stories of customers who use their products. They also encourage users to tag others in their posts who share the same story in their Facebook ad campaigns.

Humans of New York also win the hearts of their target audience through emotional stories, which allow users to connect on a different level. This type of visual storytelling offers a fresh take at engagement—customers are more likely to advocate a brand that makes them feel more deeply connected.

Proper Targeting Brings Results

A viral post will be ineffective if you don’t align it with the right audience. How will they respond to your messaging if they can’t relate to it? This is where you need to get your targeting spot on. Audience targeting plays a key role in getting the most out of your Facebook marketing strategy.

ZALORA used advanced targeting tools to get their key message across to their target customers. They integrated Custom Audience and used it to retarget website visitors and get potential customers with similar profiles. This strategy provided them with twice an increase in new customers.

Do likes and shares convert to sales? They can if you make the right adjustments to your Facebook strategy. The most important thing is to pay attention to your customers—focus on what they are interested in knowing, not just on what you can offer them. This can give your Facebook strategy a 360-degree turn and make your SME stand out in the social scene.

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