How to Sell Responsive Web Design

A lot of people underestimate the importance of responsive design. Some simply don’t realize how many people are accessing their website through smart phones or mobile devices, or dismiss their mobile traffic as irrelevant just because they see a low percentage of it through analytics. Here are a few important points you need to remember if you’re trying to help your clients by offering to make their website responsive.

1. Are you sure responsive design is the best solution?

Redesigning a website that’s already doing well in terms of traffic, conversions, and a nearly flawless experience for desktop users won’t make much sense in terms of costs and business. Before you even offer to make a website responsive, take a look at its performance and analytics first. Is it attracting a lot of mobile traffic? Is the bounce rate high for mobile users accessing your client’s website? Are there any other issues that you think responsive design can solve? Remember that design is about solving problems, and if responsive design isn’t the best solution for your client’s problem, you shouldn’t be forcing the issue.

2. Go beyond smart phones

Responsive designs are meant to make websites better to view and use across all devices and screen sizes, so focusing on smart phones alone during a pitch isn’t a good idea. Responsive design is a good solution for a lot of older websites, especially those that were designed for specific desktop resolutions. Desktop and laptop screens also come in different sizes, and responsive design can make any website look good on all of them.

3. Focus on long-term benefits

Your clients might not understand why you’re recommending responsive design as a solution if you focus solely on its benefits for today’s users and devices. Because responsive design is meant to adjust to a full range of screen sizes and provide the same type of user experience across all devices, it’s a good way to prepare your client’s website for devices that will be coming out in the future.

Dragonpay is one of the websites we’ve successfully converted to a responsive design.

Going responsive is a good solution for many website’s design issues, but you should always keep your client’s best interests in mind before even suggesting it. If you feel that your website is overdue for a redesign and you want to make it responsive, talk to us about our professional web design services today.

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