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Why You Should Be Wary of Cheap SEO Packages

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One of the most commonly asked questions we get from our clients when we first talk to them is why we can’t price our packages like other cheap SEO packages they’ve heard of in their search for an SEO provider. Today I want to answer that question by explaining the true value of these packages and shining the light on why you need to be careful when you spot an SEO package priced too low.

Outdated Methodology

What I’ve noticed from emails I receive from people offering SEO services is that they (more often than not) offer outdated solutions that can do more harm than good. For example, you may receive an email offering an SEO package worth $150, but the inclusions feature techniques that Google is now monitoring closely, like press release syndication, directory submissions, and article submissions. Instead of quality content development, their package focuses on word count and keyword optimization. You don’t know where they find the directories they will submit you website to, and their interlinking strategy may not be what Google recommends anymore.

Make sure to examine what techniques are included in your SEO package to ensure they are not outdated or will not harm your site.
Make sure to examine what techniques are included in your SEO package to ensure they are not outdated or will not harm your site.

I’ve seen emails like this more often than I’d like, and judging from the example I mentioned above, you will see that it’s not worth the extra money you “save” when you choose cheaper packages. The revenue you lose when you get that penalty and the money you spend undoing these outdated techniques will be bigger than the savings you think you will get from these solutions.

No Customized Solutions

Another thing you should be wary of when receiving offers for cheap SEO is the structure of their packages. Will their structures allow modifications based on data about your industry? If they are already giving a price and a set of services along with it, that means their structure is a one-size-fits-all type of package.

It’s impossible to say a given set of solutions will work without having the specialist examine your website first. This is because aside from your specific industry needs and your individual business requirements, we – as your online marketing team – have to examine any errors, bad links, and other elements that may be hurting your chances of gaining better visibility and wider audience reach. Only after a thorough examination of your website should you receive a proposal for solutions that you need to implement in order to make your website an effective online representation of your brand.

What You Should Look For

The reasons above can be summed up into one general reason you should be more careful: value for your money. What costs your company less might not be effective at all.

I’ve created a checklist of the basic things you should find in your SEO provider. Use this as your basic guide for analyzing if you are getting good value for your money:

  • Comprehensive Website Audit. As I’ve mentioned, it’s important that your provider looks at your website before making any recommendations for SEO packages. Before getting started, we will take an in-depth look at your website to determine the areas that need improvement. Our finding sand our recommendations will be included in your free website audit.
  • Flexible Package Structure. The packages offered should take into account the different needs of each client. We’ve made our packages scalable and flexible to provide enough materials and accommodate the needs of businesses of different sizes. We also give unique recommendations on what services you need – SEO, social, PPC, local search, etc. – based on the findings from our website audit.
  • Service Level Guarantee. It’s important for you to have a basis for measuring the success of your marketing campaign, and this usually comes in the form of the service level guarantee. It’s important for you to know more than what goes into your packages – you need a standard to follow. Our service level guarantee enumerates the key performance indicators that you can measure, such as ranking increases, traffic growth, and goal conversions, that can help you effectively measure how well your campaign is doing.

We’d be happy to discuss our SEO solutions with you. Talk to us today and get your free website audit to get started.


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