TrueLogic Learning Department Launches Pilot Training

TrueLogic Online Solutions Inc. has always maintained the highest quality and service standards. We believe that the key to keeping up with an ever-changing digital environment is to adapt and stay open to learning. We formed the TrueLogic Learning Department to develop training programs to keep our managers, employees, and clients informed on the latest industry best practices, and keep everyone in the loop regarding our methodologies and service offerings.

The TrueLogic Learning Department

The TrueLogic Learning Department is developing different modules that cover all the important aspects of SEO and digital marketing. Each module will have its own set of workbooks for participants and guidebooks for facilitators. These modules will eventually be available to everyone who wants to learn about SEO and digital marketing.

Pilot Training Launch

We began our program with a more advanced module for employees who already have a background in SEO, starting with the On-Page Optimization (OPO) Certification Training module on November 4, 2013. There were 30 participants, including on-page specialists, webmasters, SEOs, project managers, and specialists from QA and Workforce. I served as Lead Facilitator, with Clayton Wood and Bernard San Juan III as my co-facilitators.

Bernard San Juan III introduces the TrueLogic On-Page Optimization Certification training program to its participants on Day 1Day 1 (November 4) was spent introducing the program, getting to know the participants and facilitators, and setting house rules and expectations.

Bernard San Juan III talking to the TrueLogic On-Page Optimization Certification training program’s participants on Day 2Day 2 (November 5) was devoted to defining SEO and identifying important search ranking factors. Participants were divided into groups of three and assigned to create presentations on these ranking factors.

Three TrueLogic employees discussing their assigned topic on Day 3We will be conducting 2-hour training sessions from Monday to Friday, for 16 days.

If you’re interested in learning more about our training modules or want to be notified when our digital marketing courses are available to the public, contact us today.

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Karen Anne Sordan

Karen Anne Sordan

Before joining TrueLogic, Karen Sordan was a Training Leader for various accounts where she spearheaded and improved their Sales Aptitude Program and launched multiple lines of businesses. In TrueLogic, she manages the Learning Department where she oversees the end-to-end training cycle, and provides the organization’s Instructional Design needs.