Five Tips for Successful B2B Remarketing

Remarketing is a highly effective tool for retailers and ecommerce businesses. Even B2B brands can benefit from serving remarketing ads to warm leads that are already familiar with what they have to offer. The following tips can help you develop a successful remarketing campaign for your B2B business.

1. Prepare and Test Everything

Set your goals and figure out which metrics you need to monitor. Be specific with your goals, whether you want to double your sales within two months or achieve a 60% increase in email subscribers. Testing everything and keeping your measuring tools aligned with your goals can help you optimize your campaign.

2. Target Recent Leads, but Not Immediately

People will forget about your brand as time goes by, which means you need to act fast. For example, you can remarket your products to people who have abandoned their shopping carts within the past month. Don’t wait too long to remarket, but you shouldn’t do it immediately after the shopper leaves your site either. This might make you look desperate and irritate consumers who want to do a little research before finalizing their decision.

3. Target the Right Audience

You don’t want to waste your remarketing efforts on the wrong audience. Profile your ideal audience and exclude consumers who don’t fit the bill or those you have already converted.

4. Don’t Just Focus on Google

Google’s advertising features are convenient and user-friendly, but they’re only one of your many options. Every B2B marketing agency should diversify and try other remarketing platforms such as Adroll, Quantcast,, and RocketFuel.

5. Customize Your Messages and Keep Them Consistent

Remarketing only works if you really pay attention to detail and customize your messages to suit your target market. Generic ads won’t bring in as many conversions as targeted, custom ads will.

While you need to create audience-specific ads, you still need to have a consistent overall message. Keep your messages consistent with your products and our brand.

If you still haven’t included remarketing in your B2B business’ online campaigns, talk to us and we’ll help you get started.

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