Top 10 Things Local Companies Miss in Digital Strategy (Part 2)

Last week, I discussed the first 5 out of the top 10 digital elements that local companies lack in their digital campaigns. This week, I want to continue with the remaining 5 elements that you may be missing in your digital marketing strategy. When you work with the best SEO company and get these elements implemented properly, they can help you gain more traffic and visibility across the web.

Here are the remaining five elements:


Retargeting allows you to reach out to people who have already visited your site and left without completing one of your conversion goals. When you add the appropriate retargeting tag to your website, once a person visits that page with the tag and exits to another page under Google’s Ad Display Network, your ad will be served to that user. This maintains your brand presence until your audience is ready to buy.

After browsing through Indochino’s inner pages, you will be served their retargeting ads throughout Google’s Display Network.

AdRoll is one of the most popular retargeting platforms used by websites around the world, but other platforms are following the retargeting trend as well. Facebook already does ad retargeting, and they are tweaking it further to serve more relevant ads to users of the social network. Read this guide from Google to learn how to add the retargeting code to your website properly.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization is the process of improving pages of your website to drive your visitors to complete your desired actions. This includes buying your products, signing up for newsletters or other website notifications, or providing their information for lead generation. It involves improving user experience in order to facilitate the conversion experience for your visitors.

One of the product pages of local clothing brand Bayo’s online store.

Bayo’s online store is simple and navigable, but it can use some improvements for optimized user experience. No product descriptions are provided in each product page, and the size chart opens in a separate window, making it difficult for buyers to check their sizes. Only one image is provided of each item, which makes it difficult to see all of the features of the products. Little things like this can affect a buyer’s decision – check your conversion history, visitor behavior, and website heat maps to gain insights on what works and what does not on your pages.

Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics

Local marketers sometimes forget that two free and insightful tools from Google are available for their use. Google Webmaster Tools helps you check the overall health of your site and provides solutions and suggestions to make your website better, both for users and for search engines. Google Analytics, meanwhile, tracks and analyzes the performance of your website, giving you data on your traffic volume, traffic sources, audience behavior, traffic referrals, and more.

Keyword Tracking

Rankings and search volume are constantly changing, and you need to keep an eye on these changes throughout your campaign. Many local companies make the mistake of simply choosing keywords and forgetting to track their performance throughout the campaign’s duration. Not keeping track of changes in your keywords’ performance and rankings might make you miss out on a lot of opportunities for growth and better optimization.

Keyword tracking is getting trickier because of Google’s move to secure all search data, but we’ve been bridging the “not provided” gap for our clients through Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics Landing Page tracking, and Internal Site Search. Itamar discusses these methods in-depth in this blog post.

Ethical Bribing

It’s easier to get people who visit your website to act on a call to action if you give them a little incentive. Encourage your visitors to subscribe to your blog, opt-in for an electronic newsletter, or register for an account using ethical bribes. Some examples of ethical bribes include free resource downloads, and discount coupons.

I’ve mentioned that Fully Booked has a great e-newsletter strategy, but if they offered something in return for subscriptions, they could make it even more effective.

Including these 10 elements in your digital marketing strategy will result in a more powerful and effective campaign. If you want to work with a company that offers online marketing services that cover all your bases, talk to us today.

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