End-of-Year Marketing Tactics For Your Business

Your business, like many others, continues to navigate uncharted territory because of the pandemic. Should you be slowing down your marketing efforts if business slows down?

No. Quite the opposite.

Digital marketing is the ally of small, medium, and enterprise businesses making the final push at the end of the year. With it, you can get realistically closer to your end-of-year goals.

SEO: Bet On Your Best Web Pages

Your website will always be your best calling card – and SEO, plus analytics data, can help you pinpoint what to focus on.

Google Search Console and Google Analytics rank your best performing pages and the top search queries driving people to your site. This will not take long to analyze and gives you time to plan.

Build your SEO campaign strategy around your best-ranking pages. Choose the best according to views and search queries, and use on-page SEO techniques to reoptimize them for content quality.

Restructure your content following best SEO practices for readability (readable sentences, scannable, easy to skim content); fix your titles and meta descriptions. Then review the keyword strategy for these pages and rework the copy accordingly.

Always check on what the competition is doing. See if you can match or improve the SEO-driven content you provide for your best-ranking pages and keyword queries.

Content Marketing: Repurpose Your Best Content

Making content modular is an underused strategy. How you present your content matters as much as the content itself.

You could convert a How-to article into a series of infographics – or turn a written case study into a short, informative video.

The next step is how to figure out a content marketing distribution strategy.

LinkedIn and Twitter are good for enterprise and B2B companies, not just B2C. There are enterprise digital marketing services just waiting to be utilized.

Don’t underestimate the organic power of Social. If you’re releasing a big report, you could also use Facebook and Instagram stories as well as your social feeds.

PPC and Email Strategy: Bring Out Your Best Deals

We all know it takes time for businesses to connect with other companies for specialized products, but PPC marketing jumpstarts what you do strategically with SEO anyway. Review your best keywords and focus on commercial search intent. This way, you can capture prospects who will be easier to move down your sales funnel.

Whether it’s Google Search and Display or social media advertising, review your bidding strategy carefully. At this point, you’re moving past clicks and visits and aiming for conversions: signups, email subscriptions,  and inquiries or requests for quotations.

Capitalize on what your data tells you and focus.

Rebuild your audience lists, if needed.

Experiment with geolocation to target local customers in strategic locations.

We know that pandemic has turned many of your customers into “always on” customers, yet you probably can still find when they’re most likely to come online and see your ads.

If you have the additional resources, refresh your ad creatives, both for brand and tactical campaigns.

UX: Improve Landing Page Experience

All your digital marketing campaigns have a call to action and a landing page where the conversions are to occur.

Take a good look at your customer path for each of your channels and set them up for a decision when they arrive on your landing page.

Give them a strong headline and good lead-in copy that’s above the fold, so they don’t have to scroll down to read your pitch.

Display brand virtue via social proof by attaching copy-driven or video testimonials, like we suggested earlier.

It’s Never Too Late

This time of year is probably the best for cashing in on your promotional investments in digital marketing – winning those leads, finding new buyers, and signing new contracts.

In-house or with the help of a digital marketing partner, it’s up to you.

If you need assistance, contact us for a discussion of your campaign requirements by emailing us or scheduling an appointment.

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