Be SMART: Match Your Marketing Goals with Your SEO Campaign


The need for an effective SEO campaign is fast becoming a top priority for businesses who want to maintain an edge over their competitors.

Indeed, SEO services in the Philippines have seen an increase of clients in the past year, a trend which is predicted to continue as 2018 progresses.

But while SEO is an integral part of any digital campaign, businesses still need to set very clear and very precise marketing goals to fully utilize the efficiency of SEO. When you clearly communicate your marketing goals with your SEO agency, you set a clear understanding of the specific needs and goals of your company. In turn, you and your SEO provider can work in unison to achieve your business objectives.

Clear and concise marketing goals must be set to arrive at an appropriate SEO campaign. To do this, companies need to employ SMART measures; or, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timelined. Companies the world over have seen success with this methodology, and it is likewise highly recommended for companies in the Philippines.

Here we will discuss the different aspects of SMART.


There’s no such thing as being too specific when it comes to your goals. You are the business owner – all the marketing activities that will be initiated should point to what you want to happen for your business and the results you’re looking for with your SEO provider.

One simple way to do this is by following the 5 W’s of goal-setting. The 5 W’s aim to ask simple questions about your goals: What, Who, Where, Which and Why:

  • What do you want to achieve with your SEO?

Don’t say, “I want to drive leads to my website”. Say, “I want to drive x amount of leads that I have today by the end of x month.”

  • Who is your target market?

Don’t say, “Everyone.” Say, “I want to target people in this age group in this location looking for x services.”

  • Where will your SEO be implemented online?

Don’t say, “Everywhere.” Say, “I want to implement my SEO strategies in these specific social media platforms.”

  • Which products or services do you want to focus on?

Don’t say, “All of our products.” Say “I want x  product or service to receive the focus of our SEO campaign.”

  • Why do you want to start an SEO campaign?

Don’t say, “Just because.” Say, “I want to be able to expand our business to more consumers and make more people aware of our products and services when they search for x keywords.”

Once you’ve answered the 5 W’s, it becomes easier to set very specific objectives for you and your SEO provider to fulfill.


Although there are multiple KPI’s to measure, these two metrics are perhaps the ones that should bear the greatest weight:

  • SEO KPI’s: Page and keyword rankings, trust and citation flow, and increase in organic traffic and conversions
  • Marketing KPI’s: Number of leads generated Return on Marketing investments, sales revenue, and lead-to-customer ratio.

These will enable you and your SEO provider to measure and illustrate how your campaign is moving along, while providing you with relevant data points for future improvement. By setting specific goals, measuring the KPI of your campaign becomes easier.


It’s understandable for any company to set big and lofty goals. However, goals that are achievable are worth more than objectives that are impressive but unattainable. The SMART methodology allows you to ask key questions to measure achievability, such as:

– Will I be able to hit the keywords I’m targeting?

– Will I be able to compete with the other industry leaders on the first page of search results?

– Do I have the necessary budget for these goals?

Understanding the achievability of your marketing goals allows you to adjust and appropriate the right amount of resources to your SEO campaign.


Although goals can be achievable, they also need to be realistic. When measuring how realistic a goal is, compare it against the short-term goals of your company versus long-term goals. This allows you to see the bigger picture of your SEO campaign, and focus on which objectives to fulfill first.


The magic of SEO doesn’t happen overnight.

Companies need to understand that SEO campaigns work best in the long-term. Tailoring your SEO campaign’s goals in terms of months rather than hours or days is a wiser move to ensure that your objectives are being met. Setting a timeline with measurable KPIs helps in managing your expectations with your SEO provider.

Being SMART with your marketing goals helps you align better with your SEO provider, which, in turn, allows them to create a campaign that is measurable, realistic, and deliverable in a reasonable time frame.

By following these steps, companies can deploy timely and effective SEO campaigns that give them an edge over their competitors. Pair this with an expert SEO solutions provider with staff that receive top-notch SEO training, and your company can reap the benefits of being digital.

As one of the leading providers of digital marketing solutions in the Philippines, Truelogic has the expertise to create an SEO campaign that is perfect for your company’s needs.

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