5 Ways to Boost Your Email Open Rates Immediately

Email remains one of the most valuable tools in the digital marketer’s arsenal, and for good reason. It features one of the best ROIs of any channel, while simultaneously having an extremely low barrier to entry. Nonetheless, many brands still struggle with low open rates, and see lackluster results. What can they do?
With dozens of emails flooding an average person’s inbox every day, be sure to find a way to stand out. Here are a few quick fixes worth trying:

1. Master the subject line

The subject line is the most important part of any email.  It should be strong and straightforward without becoming boring. Try to identify the reader’s need in the fewest words possible – a subject line of 50 characters or less is standard.

2. Be careful with timing

Sending your email at the right time is essential. Is it best to email your list during weekend mornings, or on a Thursday afternoon? There is no universal answer to this, as every industry is different. You may need to rely on split testing to find out what works best.

3. Watch out for list fatigue

Email frequency is a balancing act. If you send emails too infrequently, it lowers revenue, and subscribers might forget who you are. On the other hand, flooding their inboxes every day might significantly reduce their interest to open any future messages.

4. Get past spam filters

A recipient cannot open your email if it never even shows up in their inbox. To improve deliverability, you need to remove anything that might trigger these spam filters:

• Aggressive marketing terms such as “click here”, “free”, or “buy now”
• Subject lines in all caps or with multiple exclamation points
• Typographical errors and poor grammar

5. Segment your list

How targeted are your emails? By segmenting your subscribers list based on occupation, interests, and other defining factors, you can create tailored emails that target recipients will genuinely find interesting.

You may choose to implement our suggestions now, but they may not be enough to make your email marketing campaign successful. You still need to grow your list, and deliver valuable content consistently to make your subscribers keep coming back for more.

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