Four Lessons Your Business Can Learn from Online Marketing

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Many of the things we do in online marketing are applicable to your more traditional business processes. Whether you’ve already adopted online marketing as part of your holistic marketing plan or you have yet to make a move to the online market, you can learn many things from your Internet marketing consultant that you can apply to your business. I’d like to go over four of these lessons to help you get started on improving your business.

Building Your Leads List Requires Creativity

As online marketers, we take our time to build our email list and acquire new leads for our email marketing campaigns. People who visit your website for the first time aren’t there to buy at once – they are there to find information. In order to build your email list and acquire new leads, we get creative and offer information and value in exchange for their contact information.

Netflix is a great example of growing email lists effectively by offering visitors value for their information.

As a business, you have to remember to break down your goals into achievable steps. The first step is to acquire your audience’s contact information first. You’ll need to follow up with them and nurture these leads using different marketing methodologies in order to convert them into returning customers afterwards. Remember: building lists takes creativity, and building relationships takes time.

Trust Signals are Important

You don’t need to be an online marketer to know how important trust is to a provider-consumer relationship, but what you can learn from us is choosing the trust signals you send to your audience. Online, it’s more difficult to establish trust because you don’t get to face your audience personally. There are different ways of doing this, including:

  • Guest-posting on blogs of influential figures in your industry
  • Implementing authorship mark-up on your entire body of work
  • Hosting forums and video conferences discussing the latest in your industry
  • Joining trusted associations in your industry and participating in their activities that establish your leadership (see my video below for an example)

Think of what trust signals you are sending to your audience. How are you using the resources you have to build the trust of your potential customers? You need to have the right attitude, the right presentation of your brand message, and quality to show for in order to gain the trust of your customers.

Develop Sources of Passive Income

There are two reasons you should develop different sources of passive income: First, it serves as proof of the quality you are offering consumers; and second, it serves as a continuous source of income with you exerting minimal effort. This gives you the time and the resources to continue developing equally amazing things.

What you’ll learn from online marketing is that to create a source of passive income, you need to test continuously. Everything that gets posted online, we test for viability, visitor response, potential conversions, and other KPIs. This ensures that whenever we do something for your online marketing campaign – whether it’s publishing your newly-designed website, implementing a new content strategy, or improving your customer relations management system – we do something that is proven to stand on its own.

Successful Marketing Involves Pulling Emotional Triggers

Before your visitors decide to buy products or services from you, you need to make them understand and feel the need for your offerings. Pulling at their emotional triggers plays a big role in guiding them towards completing a sale and becoming returning customers. Online marketers do this throughout different stages of the marketing funnel.

A good example of this is through email marketing. A well-planned email marketing strategy walks your customers through the buying process while adding different emotional triggers. Continuing to provide free information, tips, or materials with your offer helps keep your subscribers engaged. Mixing up the content you offer shows them your range, maintains their interest, and eventually convinces them to complete your next conversion goal. Changing the design of your newsletter to reflect something they can relate to also helps establish that affinity required for them to want to buy from you.

Our Core Values video is one of the ways we help you connect with us by sharing the ideologies and values that are important to us.

These lessons are just four of many you can learn from online marketing. Talk to us today to find out how you can improve your business with the help of Internet marketing.

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