Truelogic Partners with DTI to Digitize the Philippines

CJ Masungsong as the speaker in Digitize the Philippines event

Success starts with a passion for something. In Truelogic’s case, that passion is for everything digital.

The company believes that a strong online presence helps startups and enterprises succeed. However, small business owners either don’t have an online presence or only have Facebook as their primary marketing platform given the ease of setting up a business page. We believe they can do so much more to increase visibility and sales.

Our answer is teaming up with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

What Convinced Truelogic to Propose a Partnership with DTI?

“It all began with the question: how can we put Truelogic out there and how can we help micro, small, and medium enterprises in the Philippines to set up their business online?” shared Project Lead Lydia Rodillo. “Through our CSR efforts, we have an internal project called Digitize the Philippines that aims to educate Filipinos via our YouTube channel. We expanded that project and partnered with the Department of Trade and Industries to reach more people..and it’s only the beginning,” Lydia shared.

Filipinos are increasingly partial to online shopping for a multitude of products and services—music and movies, clothing and apparel, financial services, real estate, and food, to name a few. In fact, e-commerce revenue in the country hit 60 billion Pesos in 2017. Despite this high revenue, local MSMEs are missing out on better opportunities. Local e-commerce can further boost sales through proper online marketing.

Through the partnership that kick-started with a speaking engagement during DTI’s 3-day event, the Assessment, Consultation, and Triage (A.C.T) sessions, business owners are given an avenue to learn, share their pain points, and ask away during the free consultation.

What Can MSMEs Expect from DTI and Truelogic’s Partnership?

The 3-day event in Makati last July 17, 18, and 19, was the beginning of a bigger partnership. It was a springboard to a monthly roving caravan activity with DTI, wherein the partnership will visit DTI Negosyo Centers around Metro Manila to teach marketing for small business owners and provide them with free consultation.

Speakers for the 3-day event include Truelogic’s finest sales managers, Marc Bartolome, CJ Masungsong, and Keith Rosales. After each speaking engagement, the company provided free business consultations through facilitators  Coey Punsalan, Florian Millare, and Mira Bugayong.

Marc, CJ, and Keith shared that Filipinos do not go online. Rather, Filipinos live online. The speakers emphasized how digital marketing solutions effectively tell the stories that the online audience wants to hear and needs to know.

Here are some of the basic of digital marketing training given to MSME owners during the event:

  1. Create an e-mail account specifically for business.
  2. Go to a name registrar and pick a name for the business website.
  3. Set up a website on WordPress and work with a developer to optimize it.
  4. Invest in search engine optimization to know and deliver what the target audience is looking for.
  5. Create a consistent online presence through an optimized website and social media platforms.

Assistant Sales Manager CJ Masungsong speaking to small business owners on how to use digital marketing

“Our team wants local MSMEs to know that although they are doing well, they can be even better. Given the Filipinos’ increasing tendency to shop online, a strong online presence will bring in higher revenues. Our partnership with DTI spreads this message to local MSMEs across various industries,” Lydia said.

Stay on the Lookout for Our Roving Caravan!

Attendees of DTI and Truelogic’s partnership event for business owners

Truelogic’s campaign to digitize the Philippines does not stop with its participation in the A.C.T. session last July, though. Through our partnership with DTI, we are going on a roving caravan across NCR — and later on, across the country — to help MSMEs go digital and establish a strong online presence for business growth.

Watch out for this initiative in our future blogs!

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