#OneForTruelogic: All About Family at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly

One For Truelogic at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly

“Mano po, nay! Mano po, tay!”

TrueLogic Online Solutions’s team of volunteers happily greeted the elders in a tradition Filipinos hold dear. After giving respect, the team looked forward to a special day with lovely seniors at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Home for the Elderly – a non-profit organization that helps Manila’s abandoned and less fortunate elderly.

CSR team leads Keith Rosales and April Grace Sumugat opened the program with a warm welcome for the seniors, followed by a word of prayer from Den Noble of the Content Department.

To entertain the seniors, the team came up with their very own version of Showtime, a popular noontime show. The cast ensemble included the following:

Vice Ganda – Sam Enriquez (Senior Operations Team Leader)
Kuya Kim – Eric Coronel (Project Manager)
Anne Curtis – Ashley Petallano (Interim Senior Web Content Writer)
Karylle – Inna Espiritu (Web Content Writer)
Jugs – Keith Rosales (Project Manager)

San Lorenzo Ruiz’s residents enjoyed the string of activities. The seniors were thrilled with games of “Hep,Hep, Hooray!” and showcased their singing prowess at the Tawag ng Tanghalan segment.

The elderlies astounded the volunteers with their seemingly endless energy as they sang and danced endless rounds of cha-cha.

The TL volunteers likewise enjoyed interacting with the oldies, hearing their stories as well as heeding wise words on how to live better and sharing love whenever there’s a chance.

Graphic motion artist Leonard Fernandez captured the event through his lens.

According to Senior Writer, Andy Carolino, the whole experience taught her (and the rest of the team) one lesson: treasure the ones you hold dear. She adds that visiting the needy elderly gave her a new perspective on family – how children should never take their parents for granted – a constant reminder from San Lorenzo Ruiz’s residents.

The two-hour event capped off with the volunteers rewarding delicious biscuits to the seniors, as well as a delicious meal shared with each other.

And it was time to say goodbye.

The lolos and lolas of San Lorenzo Ruiz couldn’t stop thanking the volunteers for their time and support. But for the TrueLogic team, it was them they had to thank – for their warm smiles and the valuable experience.

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