Content Marketing Services: The Power of Storytelling

influencing through storytelling

Convey. Connect. Change. These are the power of storytelling. It has the power to convey information, that in turn, spread awareness. Second, it has the ability to connect people, not just to other people but to information and solutions. Last but definitely not the least, an effective storytelling has the power to change people, influence and move them to take action.

People love reading and listening to stories, and it’s all because of one reason: it’s easier to relate to a story.

Now that more and more people are discovering the value of ecommerce SEO, many businesses are turning to digital marketing services mostly aiming to do a website overhaul thinking that a responsive web design is all they need. With constant changes in  the Google algorithm happening more frequently, making sure that you have a responsive business website is the right step to take, but it doesn’t end there. Your website will need another key ingredient to retain the traffic from your ecommerce SEO efforts and that’s: Content Marketing.

Content does more than just retain the traffic generated by your SEO strategy, content is the driving force that influences their buying deicisons. The stronger the content, the stronger the influence will be, and it will reflect not only in the increase in revenue but in establishing authority in your niche.

Before you go looking for a content marketing agency, you first need to know the different ways to use content to gas up your brand and the different content marketing services or tactics that are available to you.  Many brands use the storytelling approach to win the  attention of online users and drive more traffic. Now, a simple web copy just won’t do the deed. instead, a strategic SEO content coupled with a great story that creatively explains the dimensions and specifications of a product play are a huge factor in connecting with the customers and letting them know that the brand can address their needs.

Here are a few ways to use storytelling to promote your products and services:

User-generated Content

User-generated content are content made by your real customers. People who have bought and tried your products or services. Notice how user-generated content gets more attention than branded content. Why is this so? Because customers trust real people. They trust the experiences shared with them by other customers through blogs and videos. These are unique and come with a relatable story. In turn, customers who share these experiences become mini-influencers that benefit your brand.

User-generated content works in your favor by being the bridge between your business and your consumers, helping you gain customer trust. Customers want to be involved, and they want you to listen to what they have to say. As part of your online marketing efforts, encourage your customers to post reviews about your product or service, but don’t forget to show your gratitude for their participation.

It would also be  a great strategy to have testimonials visible on your website. Have snippets appear on the homepage or on landing pages. This might sound simple but it is a powerful digital marketing startegy to add to any ecommerce site.

Content Personalization

According to survey, 48% of B2B companies agree that personalized content is more effective than “unpersonalized” content.

Personalizing content according to your locale and target audience provides you the leverage to get your message across clearly not to mention increase your customer base. This means identifying your target market and working with that profile to offer them content that they will find useful and relevant to their queries. For example, refer to customers by their name when sending emails. It can be something as simple as that, but you reap good rewards in the form of better conversion. There are other ways to personalize content, you can consult your partner B2B online marketing agency to formulate a strategy that works for you.


Your YouTube channel can generate persona-specific, segment-specific, or lead-specific content. Videos don’t need to be long. With a few minutes, you can drive your brand’s message across and encourage viewers to act on something.

Another way is by sharing user-generated content in the form of reviews and unboxing videos to encourage user engagement while boosting the interest from other people. Most of your customers look for reviews before they choose a brand. Neil Patel himself says customer reviews improve trust for your brand.


Storytelling can also come in the visual form, and one way to do this is through infographics. This kind of content is easy to digest and includes only the most relevant information. Visual data is not hard to interpret, especially if you are showing trends and statistics. By using appealing design elements, you can can make the content more interesting; this is why many marketers use infographics to drive traffic.

Instead of using stop words and product descriptions that might only confuse customers, go straight to the point. Inform and explain — show why the customer should be buying your products or getting your service.


Part of good storytelling is exciting your audience with what comes next, and you can achieve this through podcasts. Podcasts work like videos because they are both non-text content. Podcasts also generate a good number of listeners, especially if you break down big points into a series of episodes. If you want to make your audience tune in for the next podcast, use cliffhangers as a call to action. Lifestyle Business magazine, for instance, features a monthly podcast with a CTA, and it results in more site traffic and email subscribers for speaker Tyler Basu.

Podcasts are a good way to share information with your target market, but they usually supplement other forms of content. If you choose to add podcasts in your content marketing plans, have supporting content, as well.

Your business could garner a bigger client base if you give it a good story to build its content around.[/perfectpullquote]

The power of storytelling is not limited to the written form. Your business could garner a bigger client base if you give it a good story to build its content around. And the good thing about a great story? There can be spin-offs, too. That guest post you wrote could be your next infographic. So, start tweaking that website and brainstorming for pieces of a story that you can tell in different forms — you will not run out of good content to market any time soon.

Blog posts

Being seen as a thought leader or an industry expert is a huge honor. It gives you the power to influence people and give advise, it’s a testament that what you preach is indeed effective, helpful and reliable. One way you can develop a strong thought leadership brand is through blog posts.

In order for your blog posts to be effective, they have to be well-researched, should aim to solve people’s pain points or give advice and information that are valuable to your target audience. Of course, proper keyword research has to be implemented to make sure that the relevance is valid and that it will appear on search results too.

Optimized product descriptions

If you own a Shopify e-commerce store, chances are you have an idea of what SEO services for Shopify can do to skyrocket your rankings on search engines and boost sales. That’s the reason Shopify SEO experts are growing in demand nowadays. This applies to all e-commerce stores though, it’s just that Shopify really does a good job introducing new users on how to use on page SEO for ecommerce.

But it’s not just about keywords.

See, as an ecommerce business owner in the Philippines you have hundreds of competition online. What separates you from other competitors selling the same products and using the same keywords? It’s the way you tell a story.

Yes, product descriptions can tell a story. Don’t just think about the product or service when writing the desctiption. Think who it is for. Why should the customer or client buy it? Whether you’re an insurance agency or someone selling a french press online, don’t just talk about the service or product you’re offering, but talk about the customer. How is your insurance agency going to make their lives easier? How is that french press going to perk up their day? Aside from what your service or product is all about, your product descriptions should paint a picture and connect with your audience.


As ecommerce continues to evolve so should your strategy and priorities. One thing will never change and that’s the customers and clients will always be your top priority. Your strategy will always revolve around them. Connecting with them through an effective content marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your ecommerce business.

A properly optimized and well-positioned content is going to be the one that will make your business stand out among hundreds and hundreds of ecomerce businesses in the Philippines.

Pull all the necessary stops, look into content marketing services and web design services and choose the ones that you know will be an asset to your company. If you don’t have the time or the expertise to do it on your own, work with a web development company that can also deliver high quality content. This way, you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone. Just make sure you produce the best content that relays the character of your brand, of course coupled with the best SEO strategy — to ensure that you come out on top.

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