Finding a Web Designer in the Philippines


Your web designer is one of the most important people you’ll need while running your company. Several things rely on how good your web designer is: your site’s look and feel, loading time, mobile-friendliness, and the overall user experience. These are all important aspects if you want your site visitors to convert to paying customers and loyal patrons.

It’s important to choose your web design services company wisely. But, how do you choose the right one from the bunch? Here are some questions that can help you choose before finalizing a deal:

How soon can you expect results?

This is important because of two things: it tells you how credible your service provider is, and it sets your expectations. Remember that credible SEO and web design companies will not promise that you’ll be on the number one spot in Google’s search engine results pages within a couple of weeks, or give you a stellar website mockup overnight. What they can promise are improvements, and they can measure that through your site’s current condition in terms of optimization.

Pro-tip: Rather than ask how long it will take to be on the number one spot, Forbes recommends asking how long it will take for your web design and SEO efforts to generate leads and sales.

Do they offer content writing services?

In the Philippines, web design goes hand in hand with site optimization.

In the Philippines, web design goes hand in hand with site optimization. Part of optimizing your site is ensuring you have keyword-rich content that’s also of high quality. You can take care of this in several ways: through hiring a freelance copywriter, writing the content yourself, outsourcing the content writing, or adding content writing services to your package with your web design company.

Pro-tip: Consistency is important when it comes to website content – quality, tone, and messaging. If you choose to write the content on your own, ask your agency to recommend the tone, length, and style that maximizes your website’s potential.

What other websites have they worked on?

There’s no better portfolio than one that includes live sites they have worked on. Ask them about the services they offered to their previous clients, and how long they worked with them.

Pro-tip: Don’t settle for screenshots of numbers from WordPress designers. Ask for live sites, so you see how they are managed and optimized. This is the most honest way of showing proof of their work.

What are the payment terms?

Are they charging per project, monthly, annually, or per milestone? Website design companies offering SEO services may also charge per page they optimize. More importantly, ask about the payment breakdown. Do they require a down payment or full payment upfront?

Pro-tip: Go for a company that does not ask for full payment upfront. This means a greater risk of not recouping the money in case things don’t pan out.

Will you have access to the CMS and analytics accounts?

When you start working with a company, one of the first things they’ll ask is if you have your CMS and professional accounts set up. If you don’t, they may set it up for you. This means they know the details. Clarify with them if you will have access, and if you can access the accounts even after your partnership with them has ended.

Pro-tip: Make sure the designing and creatives aspect of your site are covered in writing. You want the rights to the logos and copy they create for you.

What are their core services?

In the current SEO landscape, many services are interconnected. This means most web design agencies also offer SEO and other services you need. Some might be taking a backseat, as the company focuses on their core services. Ask them what services they offer apart from web design, and see if these are relevant to your business.

Can you see their office?

This doesn’t need to be in person, as setting up the visit may take precious time off your schedule. But, if they are not willing to at least show you around through a video call, there might be something wrong. You want a company that isn’t afraid to show their process and their place of work.

Pro-tip: Check their business address listed online and see if it’s in a business district. Contact them through their advertised phone line. If they are easy to reach, there’s a higher chance of them being trustworthy.

Where can you access their case studies?

Case studies evaluate the company’s processes and strategies. They write the marketing strategy they used that led to traffic growth or conversion improvement in a certain client’s site. Reading their case studies tells you about their methodologies, and it offers statistics that you can use to project your own company’s growth.

Sample Case Studies from TrueLogic

Pro-tip: Ask for these case studies before signing a contract with them. If they can’t provide published case studies, you might be communicating with the wrong company.

TrueLogic’s core values speaks volumes at how we do business, and this includes clear communication to address client questions. At the end of the day, you need people who believe in the same things you do. Winning and losing money is already part of the business game; find someone who isn’t just working for the money.

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