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Backlinks are links from another web page pointing to your website. The more backlinks your website has, the more keywords you rank for in search results. Many webmasters abused this before so Google tweaked their algorithm and keeps on doing so to penalize them and those who are still gaming the system.

There’s a lot of changes in algorithm of search engines and this makes the SEO game more difficult and complicated. With our link building services, you don’t have to go through all of these because we’re going to assist you from creating a link building strategy to its implementation.

Tested Link-Building Methods

Link building has evolved into a practice that requires focus on quality and relevance. TrueLogic’s Link Building Service delivers the kind of quality that gets your website the visibility on the SERPs that your brand deserves. Our SEO agency’s approach to link building is simple: We don’t build links – we earn them. Our team acquires links through a wide variety of quality content, partnerships with high-authority publications, and a content marketing strategy platforms like social media, content curation sites, and other resources.

Our goal is to maximize your visibility while building your online reputation. We adjust our methods in line with your growth and with the changing algorithms of search engines. The links we build are strong, and we are proud to say our methods are Penguin-proof. We provide a summary of your performance, allowing you to track your rankings as they change. Let us know where you want to focus our link building efforts and we will execute it with precision.

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Building Links and Managing Content

Choose one of our packages and start seeing major ranking improvement today. We have packages that answer needs of varying scale.

Improve and maintain your rankings by building high-quality links. Outsource link building tasks from the leading online solutions provider in the Philippines. Contact TrueLogic today to get started on your campaign. All of our solutions include link profiling, content marketing, email outreach and guest blog.


We conduct a thorough link audit of your site to make sure that all of your existing links are Google-friendly. If not, we will conduct a link cleanup first before we create links for your website. We also check your competitors’ link profile to create the best link building strategy for you.


We all know that content is the foundation of any digital marketing campaign. Our content marketing team are composed of seasoned writers, designers and video editors and their primary goal is to produce link-worthy content.


We don’t wait for the industry influencers to find your content; we reach out to them. To increase our chances of getting their attention, we have created a strategy in building close relationships with them.


Our writers create well-researched and insightful articles and submit them to authoritative and relevant websites. We make sure that this will not only increase your keyword rankings but will also boost your brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.