25 Sure Fire Tips On Growing Your Brands Readership

Blogging has become one of the major tools marketers leverage and position themselves in the SERPs. It gives us social visibility and engagement that we otherwise would not have. It provides a gateway for traffic that could potentially turn into leads, conversions and even links.

We all have one, and we all do it.

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But why are your competitors getting all the traction and social signals?

Here are a few tips to grow your brands readership:


  • Ensure that your writing is directed to your audience and relevant to your business.
  • Talk about things that resonate well with your audience. Don’t talk about your brand OR yourself—Believe it or not, it’s just not interesting.
  • Make sure your content has a goal and a desired action that you want them to take, but don’t make it promotional. If necessary, add your pitch at the bottom of the content.
  • Write for your readers and don’t worry about the old techniques, such as keyword density or the length of the post.
  • When using images that are “borrowed”, make sure to attribute the original owners and link to them if possible.
  • Mention and reference influencers that appear to have the time to spend in reading your post.
  • Structure your content well. Make sure the train of thought is organized, so your readers can understand the sequence of ideas you are trying to express.
  • Provide a link to other blogs that you reference as a credit/citation. Make sure that the URL you are linking to is credible. They should be relevant, as you are linking to them and they might even enjoy your post and share it.

Blog Aesthetics

  • Make sure that your website or blog has minimum distractions, such as too many ads. Your content should be readable and has minimum clutter.
  • Make it easy for your readers to share your content through social sharing buttons.
  • The email subscription box should be prominently and strategically placed within your website. Also, make sure to show the value in subscribing.
  • Make sure you provide links to previous posts or archives.
  • Display a list of your best content.
  • Include trust symbols, along with any features of your blog and social proof.

Engage and reach out.

  • Automate your posts to share on social media using services such as IFTTT.
  • Know who your audience is and indirectly promote your content
  • Reach out to other bloggers or websites that can provide value and exposure and contribute an article to them.
  • Respond to comments on your posts to keep the discussion going and spark further interaction Respond to comments on your contributed articles as well to support your ideas and build authority.
  • Comment on other articles in the industry and provide better insight or challenge them. Be a contrarian!
  • Locate new blogs and contributors and build those relationships. Contribute and share ideas with them.
  • Reach out and connect to your audience and influencers on social media. Get yourself on their radar and position your brand as an authority in your niche.
  • Build your social profiles (followers, likes, social signals etc)
  • Include an RSS feed.

Try implementing these 25 things and watch the difference it will make. There are certainly more things out there to increase readership and if you have anything to add, please do so by commenting below.

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