5 Secrets to Getting a High-Paying Job in Manila

Eager job seekers attending a job fair in Makati City
What can you do to stand out from this crowd of eager job seekers? (Photo by Bullit Marquez)

Over the years, I have observed and kept track of the growth of my colleagues’ careers. I have seen great people mature from fresh graduates to industry game changers. Now, they enjoy high-profile jobs with high-paying salaries.

With that said, I’d like to focus on a few tricks I have observed in getting top pay in Manila. Listed below are 5 secrets to ensure you get a hefty paycheck on a monthly basis.


Learn the trade

Be the most specialized person you can be in your niche. Your vast and extensive knowledge of your field can be your ticket to impress your would-be employers that you deserve a top spot in their firm. To start, focus on one area or industry and grow your craft from there. Remember: the more you know, the higher your pay.

Right now, the IT industry is one of the biggest – and highest-paying – sectors in the Philippines. Experts envision that the IT-BPO sector would remain as one of the leading industries in the next few years, which could account for as many as 1.3 million jobs for Filipinos and 9% of the GDP.


Smoke your interview

A lot of things happen when you and the top officials finally sit down together and talk about the prospect of you working for that company. This is the reason you have to ace the interview, as you have to leave them impressed beyond belief.

Know what you’re saying and say it at the right time. Show that you know what you’re talking about so that they wouldn’t hesitate in giving you a higher salary than the other candidates.


Disrupt the norm

Have you ever wondered why Steve Jobs was such a big figure? He’s one of the world’s top innovators of his generation for a good reason: he disrupted the norm with groundbreaking ideas for their next products.

This is how you can work your way to the top. Ideas are the fuel of today’s society; it’s what brings change that improves life, as we know it. The same principle applies in the workplace, as innovators reap the rewards of being trailblazers of positive change that would streamline business processes for better efficiency and make the workplace a more comfortable and fulfilling place to work at.


Communicate effectively

Get a good grasp of communication skills. No, this goes beyond the spoken and the written word. This includes non-verbal things like body language. This goes hand-in-hand with your demeanor during an interview.

When you communicate effectively, you prove that you will be a highly valuable asset to the company. They will realize how much you can contribute to the company for it to grow. Thus, employers will be happy to pay you more.


Prove success

Talk is cheap. As much as you can convey your message effectively, you have to deliver whatever you promised. Walk the talk. It’s one thing that you can lay out plans on how you would make radical changes in the office, but it’s a whole different endeavor to make it happen. Employers will trust you more and help you go up the career ladder when you can prove and realize the success of your proposals.

Getting top pay is more than just scoring every promotion opportunity along your career; it starts with yourself. When you know what to improve on yourself, you can and you will be a respected name in your industry – with a hefty paycheck, at that.

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