A Guide to Baidu Search Ranking Factors

I’ve already talked about Baidu and how it completely beats Google China in search in a previous blog post. Today, I want to drill deeper into Baidu SEO and talk about the specific ranking factors that can help or harm your site in Baidu search.

On-Page Keyword Usage

Baidu Ranking Factors: On-Page Keyword Usage 2013

Baidu’s algorithm makes it more important to have relevant keywords in Title Tags, Anchor Text, H1 Tags, and the Page URL (in PinYin). It’s also important to remember that your website and keywords have to be in Chinese (preferably Simplified Chinese) to rank in Baidu search.

On-Page Optimization

Baidu Ranking Factors: On-Page Optimization 2013

Baidu’s isn’t as advanced as Google’s in terms of determining content quality just yet, but it does emphasize the importance of having unique content in your website. If you’re translating your from English to Chinese, you should still make sure your content is unique and written with your Chinese audience in mind.

Link Profile

Baidu Ranking Factors: Link Profile 2013

The linking factors that can affect your rankings on Baidu are closely tied. You should make sure that your external links lead to relevant, high-quality sites, and have keyword-optimized anchor text (the same rule applies to internal link anchor text). You also need more diversity in terms of backlinks.

Social Sharing

 Baidu Ranking Factors: Social Metrics 2013

Instead of focusing on networks like Facebook and Twitter, you need to focus on promoting your website and optimizing your profile pages on their Chinese equivalents: RenRen and Weibo.

Baidu also has its own social sharing button which you can add to your website’s pages using a code. According to the search engine’s website, the system allows users to share your website’s link on a large number of social networks, make it easier for Baidu spiders to crawl your website, and can help convince users that your link is relevant to their search.

Baidu Share button

The Baidu Share button can display a full list of social networks users can share your website on.

You can see the number of times a website was shared right on the search results pages. The higher the number of shares, the more users will trust your website as a reliable and relevant link.

 Baidu Shares are displayed on SERPs


 Baidu Ranking Factors: Geo-Targeting 2013

Using Chinese web hosting and domain (such as .com.cn) will make your website more visible on Baidu, and even improve your website’s loading speed for Chinese users.

Negative Ranking Factors

 Baidu Negative Ranking Factors 2013

These negative ranking factors are universal across most search engines, but Baidu is stricter when it comes to website downtimes, “hidden” spam or keyword-rich text, low quality inbound and outbound links, duplicate content, and paid links.

Search engine optimization training for both Google and Baidu can help you develop an effective strategy to make your website more visible on both engines. Keep checking out our blog for more news and information on China’s most popular search engine.

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