10 Best Link Building Tools You Need (Free and Paid)

best link building tools

Links are one of the three major rankings in Google. The purpose of link building is to boost the authority of your pages in the eyes of Google so that these pages rank higher and bring more search traffic.

In fact, 85% of marketers believe that link-building has a big impact on brand authority and 92% of them believe that this will continue to be a vital ranking factor in the next five years.

When it comes to running a link-building campaign, using the right tools can make your life a lot easier. While there are hundreds of link-building tools available, the most effective ones help you streamline the process and improve your rankings.

  • Google Search Console

Google knows its way around the internet, and it provides excellent tools to help boost your website’s SEO. It’s one of the first things that you should do when your website goes live.

The Google Search Console includes tools like search analytics, email alerts for issues on your website, make improvements to improve your rankings, and the URL inspection tool, which allows you to learn more about how your pages are currently ranked in the Google index.

  • Semrush

SEMrush does it all. It is an all-in-one SEO tool that can perform a site audit, runs keyword research, finds link-building opportunities, does social media marketing,  and so much more.

As such a significant tool, it offers three levels of subscription services: Free, Pro, and Guru. Try it for free, or upgrade to get more out of the platform.

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the largest backlink index in the world. It comes with a variety of features that people love to use, such as keyword research tools, rank tracking, and technical SEO site audits. However, it has a high monthly cost, even at the lowest subscription rate.

Monthly access starts at $99, but since it’s easy to use and has advanced features to help build up SEO backlinks, it’s a good choice.

  • BuzzStream

BuzzStream is a powerful tool that lets you scale up existing link-building campaigns. From link prospecting to outreach, this tool tracks link-building campaigns and conversations across multiple projects in one place.

This also helps you find and collaborate with influencers you want to work with. Its Digital PR feature will allow you to build a list of journalists and bloggers to earn placements, which is another way of building quality backlinks. You can try this useful link-building tool for free.

  • Moz

Aside from being one of the most versatile SEO tools with powerful link-building capabilities, you can use the Moz Link Explorer tool to analyze the backlink profile of any website. Just enter the competitor’s URL and you will see all their backlinks. You can use it to find opportunities, remove bad links, and repair broken ones.

Moz offers a 30-day free trial. But if you upgrade to a paid plan, this feature starts at $99 a month.

  • Linkody

Linkody is one of the cheapest link-building tools in the market. This simple link-tracking tool is used to analyze backlink profiles and disavow bad links. To use it, you can provide a link then it will return useful data for you to analyze. It will also help you find out if you gain links, identify bad links, and check any lost links so you can reclaim them.  Linkody can also track your competitors’ backlinks.

It has a great pricing package, and you can try it for 30 days without providing your credit card details.

  • Majestic

Majestic is a search engine optimization tool specializing in backlinks. With this, you can have the advantage of looking at site links including linked profiles, broken links, top pages, and anchor text. You can also compare insights with your competitors of up to five websites.

The unique feature is Link Context which helps you discover links based on their position on a page. On top of this, you can perform keyword research in Majestic, making it easy to start working on your SEO while analyzing what your site needs to boost its rankings.

The lowest plan starts from $79 per month and their Pro package starts at $149 per month.

  • Pitchbox

Pitchbox is a specialized influencer outreach and link-building platform that helps discover prospects and keep your outreach efforts automated and organized.

With multiple prospecting profiles and intuitive keyword research, this tool can help you find and connect with the top influencers in your niche in a matter of seconds.  It also allows you to write email templates that you can send to prospective leads.

There is no free trial and their prices start at $195 per month.

  • Ninja Outreach

NinjaOutreach has an extensive and up-to-date database of high-authority influencers and lets you search them by social engagement and SEO metrics. It saves you time as this tool comes bundled with templates for different types of link-building campaigns, including broken link-building, infographic promotion, and more.

Starting at $69 a month, this tool helps support your link-building strategies every step of the way.

  • Broken Link Builder

A useful link-building tool by Citation Labs, this tool finds dead pages close to any topic area. You can save time by cutting away the process of finding dead sites and their list of backlinks. Broken Link Builder has a 30-day refund policy, it is a bit expensive, given that it performs only one specific function.

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