Bing Integrates Product Search and TripAdvisor Content into Search Results

Bing, the second most popular search engine, has been working on improvements to its search results for users in the US. The most recent upgrades involve integrating both shopping and detailed travel results into their main search results pages.

Integrated Shopping Results

Bing started rolling out Product Search to help online shoppers in August 2013, and have fully integrated shopping results into their main search results as of November 20, 2013. According to Bing’s original announcement, they started working on this change to help users “search less and do more.”

A screenshot of Bing’s integrated shopping results

(Screenshot from Search Engine Watch)

When you click on any of the product links in the carousel, the search results will display a list of vendor sites that sell that particular product. Certain search queries will also display a product snapshot that includes the item’s specs and reviews.

Integrated TripAdvisor Results and Travel Search

Just yesterday, both Bing and TripAdvisor announced their joint efforts to provide better location and travel search results.

Bing Smart Search and TripAdvisor App

Bing Smart Search, which the company refers to as “the first truly touch optimized search experience”, makes it easier for Windows 8.1 users to search for documents stored on their PC, a photo album or app in cloud storage, or a website. Bing has recently integrated the TripAdvisor app into Smart Search, allowing users to access all the content and tools they need to get the travel-related search results they need.

A screenshot of Bing Smart Search’s TripAdvisor app integration

(Screenshot from Bing’s official blog)

TripAdvisor Tools, Reviews, and Photos now on Bing Search Results

Bing now displays TripAdvisor reviews, photos, and hotel price comparison tools within its search results. Searching for “hotels in new york”, for example, allows you to compare hotel prices and availability easily.

Bing’s enhanced search results, courtesy of TripAdvisor’s hotel comparison tool

(Screenshot from Bing’s official blog)

While they’re still far behind Google in terms of popularity, Bing has been seeing steady growth since summer this year. With these continued efforts to optimize the search experience for their users, Bing just might maintain (or even gain) momentum in search engine rankings.

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