Team Grimlock (L-R: Stan, Ally, and Cesar) with Eden

Weekly Recap: May 19-23, 2014

The past week went by very fast, but not without ending on a very good note. Aside from the continuous praises we receive from our clients for the improving quality of our work, we’ve also began rolling out a technology update for our clients. Join me as I recap the highlights of the previous week.

Town Hall Recap

We’ve received quite a handful of positive feedback from clients and fellow teammates alike this past week. Angela, one of our account managers, relayed her thanks to Edwin, Hannah, and OJTs Chuck and Gemuel for getting all but one of our client’s web pages on the first page of the SERPs. Another account manager, Eddie, another account manager, sent his praises for the QA and the SoLo team for impressing a long-term client with our new Local Optimization report.

Our account manager CJ sent in four shout-outs:

  • first, for the dev team for impressing one of our clients with the dashboard upgrade;

  • second, to our entire team, for impressing a client on how we always want to get things done;

  • third, to Will for his excellent job handling the same client; and

  • fourth, to Mark Daniel, who celebrated his birthday the previous Sunday, for stepping up and doing what needs to be done for CJ’s campaigns.

Gary, another account manager, also thanked the PPC team for impressing a client over their PPC proposal. Eden thanked Team Grimlock – Stan, Cesar, and Ally – for successfully removing a manual spam action for a client. Operations also thanked Eden, MJ, and Jonas (with the assistance of Itamar) for coordinating closely and coming up with new Operations roadmap schemes applicable this June. Ops also congratulated Mark Daniel again, this time for being the fulfillment leader for April.

We also congratulated one of our team members for making her promotion official. Join us in congratulating Joan for moving from Interim Workforce Specialist to Workforce Specialist. Keep up the good work!

Finally, we celebrated several birthdays and anniversaries this week. Au, Andy, Rommel, and Mica celebrated their birthdays last week, while Eddie, Jonathan, Sheila and Marjorie celebrated their first year anniversaries with us in the past week as well. Thank you for celebrating with us, and we’re looking forward to more years of working with you!

Dashboard Upgrade

Another highlight of the past week was our announcement to our clients that we will be rolling out the new SEO dashboard to all our clients. We sent the notification to upgrade the dashboard to our existing clients last week, and immediately received positive feedback, as mentioned earlier. All dashboards will be upgraded by June, and our clients can look forward to more innovations from us.

We’re proud of our dev team for their creation of this powerful tool and for refining it in time for rollout. Thanks to the marketing team as well for getting the word out to our clients in time.

That’s it for this week – come back again next Monday for another edition of the weekly recap!

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Armund Romero

Armund Romero

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