Avoiding the Pitfalls of Marketing Automation

There comes a point in your business where your marketing efforts have grown so much that scaling your processes becomes difficult. Marketing automation becomes a useful tool for internet marketing in such cases, because it allows you to schedule posts, emails, and other interactions with your audience based on their previous behavior. There is, however, the danger of becoming too dependent on marketing automation.

In order to effectively use marketing automation for your growing internet marketing campaign, you need to remember a few things. I’ve listed them down for you to use as a quick reference when evaluating how much you’ve integrated marketing automation into your strategy, and if this is a reasonable amount of integration.

dlvr.it is an example of a content delivery platform, which falls under marketing automation.

dlvr.it is an example of a content delivery platform, which falls under marketing automation.

Remember the People behind the Statistics

It’s easy to get carried away with programming and sending scheduled and template responses when your audience grows. You may tend to focus on the numbers, the behavior, and other aspects of your analytics data too much once your audience doubles or triples to a size larger than you’ve managed before. Keep in mind that there are people behind these statistics, and that they prefer real human interaction to scheduled responses any time of the day.

Fill In the Gaps that Automation Leaves

This item is closely related to the previous one. The great thing about marketing automation is that it allows you to schedule some of the tasks that may eat up time unnecessarily. You can schedule newsletters, automate social media posts, create responses for every type of query you receive via email. However, you have to remember that this leaves gaps, especially when your customers have questions that require unique answers. Fill in these gaps with improved customer service, personalized and targeted posts, participation in online conversations, and interaction with your target audience in events and through your platforms.

Research Matters for Segmentation

The great thing about marketing automation is that you can program the market segments you currently have into the system, and it will deliver relevant content according to each segment’s definition. However, some companies either overlook this wonderful feature of marketing automation, or neglect to use it, creating generalized templates instead of learning more about what works for their audiences. In-depth research about your audience’s online behavior will help you create market groups you can distribute customized content to, therefore maximizing the effect of your online marketing efforts.

The purpose of marketing automation isn’t to replace manual marketing and one-on-one interaction. Its purpose is to make interaction easier by programming the tasks that you can program so you can focus on improving the non-automated tasks. Talk to us today to successfully create an internet marketing plan that integrates marketing automation and customer service.

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