Four Ways to Include Video in Your Digital Marketing Efforts

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No other form of media engages your audience and compels them to take action more effectively than video. Including videos in your digital marketing campaign can help boost your website’s traffic, increase social discovery and sharing, reach out to a larger audience, and even improve your conversions.

Aside from sharing your promotional videos on social channels like YouTube and Facebook, what else can you do to make the most of these valuable assets?

Include Videos in Email Marketing

A study conducted by Relevancy Group showed that 55% of marketers reported higher click-through rates for emails that featured videos, and a 41% increase in email forwarding and video sharing. This makes video a great way to promote new products, generate customer referrals, or feature related products in post-purchase confirmation emails. You can also use videos and an added incentive when emailing customers who have abandoned their shopping carts.

Use Video in Google Display Ads and Retargeting Ads

If you want more people to watch your videos ads, add them to Google Display Network. Recent tests prove that video views are much higher for Google Display Network ads than Google Search Network ads. The common theory is that customers who are actively searching for content are usually looking for a website, and will not bother watching videos.

Retargeting ads are powerful and strategic marketing tools, and videos can help make them even more effective. Using videos in your retargeting ads can provide a 5-10% increase in conversions, traffic, and revenue.

Place Paid Search Ads on YouTube
YouTube is the most popular video streaming and sharing channel, with millions of videos being watched and posted each day. You can get added exposure through video by bidding on relevant keywords for paid search ads on YouTube.

Don’t Limit Your Efforts to Only a Few Video Channels

YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook are some of the common channels for video distribution and sharing, but don’t forget about other social networks and apps like Instagram, Vine, Google+, and Pinterest. Many viewers discover videos through these channels, especially through mobile apps. Running an integrated video marketing campaign that covers all these channels also increases the likelihood of your videos being shared, as 92% of mobile video viewers share videos through email, SMS, social media, or by letting others watch the video directly on their devices.

If you haven’t started using videos in your marketing campaign yet, you can count on us for your video production and distribution needs. Talk to our SEO and digital marketing consultants to get started.

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