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Google just introduced a new way to get help online. Google Helpouts allows you to get live video responses and advice from experts.

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Similar to Google+ Hangouts, Helpouts enables you to communicate with an expert over live video. During a Helpout session, the expert can demonstrate or explain something to you, and you can show them exactly what you need help with.

The promotional video for Helpouts features some of the things you can learn through this new offering, such as learning how to retouch a photo, how to perform a yoga pose correctly, and how to apply eye makeup.

Video chat isn’t the only thing you can do during a Helpout. You can share your computer screen and edit a document or presentation together. You can also record your Helpout session for future reference.

There are currently over 1000 providers offering help and advice over Helpouts, including brands like Sephora, Weight Watchers, and Rosetta Stone. Helpouts cover a variety of topics, and you can browse them according to category.

Google Helpouts categories

Helpout prices vary depending on the provider and their rates; some have fixed prices their hangouts, while others charge at an hourly or per-minute rate. Some providers even offer Helpouts for free.

To help make sure their users have a positive experience with Helpouts, Google has a money back guarantee that allows users to request a refund if they find a Helpout session unsatisfactory.

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Clicking on a Helpout’s title will take you to a description page, where you can check the next available time slot and sign up for it. Some providers allow you to set your own schedule. If you’re interested in giving your own Helpouts, you can visit this page for more information.

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