Google Chromecast Brings Online Video to Your Living Room

Earlier this week, Google officially released the Chromecast, a small HDMI dongle that could affect the online video industry in a big way. Chromecast allows users to transfer and stream content from mobile video and audio apps to their HDTVs.


Stream and Queue Videos from Popular Websites and Apps

Currently, the Chromecast can stream videos from YouTube, Netflix, and Google Play. The “Add to TV Queue” option also allows you to line up multiple videos in a playlist.

Display Chrome Browser Tab Content

You can transmit content straight from your mobile device’s Chrome browser. An added Chrome feature allows you to display any browser tab on your TV screen. You can watch videos embedded into a webpage, browse your favorite websites, or even view online photo albums. This feature is still in the beta testing phase, but Google encourages Chromecast owners to try it and provide their feedback.

Multi-Tasking Enabled

Once you transmit video content to a TV, you can use your mobile device to perform other tasks. The video will continue playing as you check your e-mail, browse the web, or use another app.

Cross-Platform Support

The Chromecast functions almost the same way as Apple’s Airplay, but with one significant difference: Chromecast supports both iOS and Android devices. You can easily start playing a video on an iOS tablet, and stop it with an Android phone.

Multiple User Control

Multiple users can use their mobile devices to control video streaming or add videos to a playlist on the Chromecast. These features can come in handy if you enjoy hosting movie nights with your family and friends in the comfort of your own home.

Google Cast SDK

Google also launched a preview of the Google Cast software development kit. The SDK allows app developers to enable their existing iOS, Android, or Chrome apps to transmit video content to larger screens. Google stated that some developers have already started to work on enabling Google Cast in their apps.

The Chromecast sold out on Google Play store only a few hours after its release. This overwhelming response indicates a promising future for Google’s latest gadget.

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