How to Increase Engagement with Google

Google+ has come a long way since its launch two years ago. Although many netizens initially thought the social network was a ghost town, Google+ thrived and is now the second most popular social network today. Engaging the active communities is a great way to build relationships with your target audience and get everyone talking about your brand. These engagement tips for Google+ should help big your social and digital marketing campaigns a good boost.

Networking with Circles

Organizing your Google+ Circles is a lot like content curation; you can easily sort people into different groups and target all your content toward the right segments.

TrueLogic Google+ Circle

Adding people to your Circles is a great way to meet new people and maintain or nurture relationships.

Use Keyword Search to Find People, Pages, and Posts

Google+ has a robust search feature that allows you to find posts, people, and pages that are relevant to the query.

Google+ keyword search

The results page is allows you to create a post related to the keyword you used, add related People and Pages to your Circles, and view recent and relevant posts.

Post Different Types of Compelling Content

The best way to engage audiences on any social network is to post compelling content regularly. Posting high-quality visual content such as videos, photos, and memes is a great way to get catch people’s attention on Google+.

Guy Kawasaki’s Google+ posts

Guy Kawasaki, known for his work with Apple and Google, definitely knows how to use Google+ correctly and stays true to his tagline: “I share enchanting stuff. All the time. In large quantities.” He shares at least five posts per day, and even goes so far as to use his own screenshots instead of Google+’s default thumbnails.

While you need to engage with visual content as often as possible, posting text-heavy and information-rich resource content is also a great way to get more comments, +1s, and shares.

Learn How to Hashtag

Mashable’s hashtagged Google+ post

Hashtags are everywhere, even on Google+. The system will sometimes generate hashtags for your posts automatically, but you can also type other related hashtags in manually. Hashtagging your content makes it easier for users to find your posts, and allows you to find related posts and ongoing conversations.

Make Your Page Easy to Find

No one can engage you on Google+ if they don’t know your page or profile exists. Provide links to your profile on your other social media accounts, and add a Google+ badge to your website if you can.

Google+ badges

Google+ has three different badges for profiles, pages, and communities. Just go to the Google+ Badge page to get the appropriate code for your badge and add it to your blog or website!

Engage Actively

Ian Cleary interacting with Mike Allton and NASA on Google+

Engagement is a two-way process. Go beyond simply posting and sharing content and interact with people actively. Ending your posts with questions, commenting on other people’s posts, replying to people’s responses to your posts, joining Communities and Hangouts, and participating in active conversations about trending topics shows people that you’re worth following.

These six tips should help you improve your interactions on Google+, and help your brand reach out to a much wider audience on social media.

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