Matt Cutts Discourages “Stitched” Content

Will you come up with unique, original content if you take entire statements or sentences from different sources and arrange them as you see fit? Any professional writer who knows his or her stuff will tell you that it definitely does not. Matt Cutts proves this point in the latest Google Webmaster Help video, where he answers the question:

“Can a site do well in Google if I copy only a small portion of content from different websites and create my own article by combining it all, considering I will mention the source of that content (by giving their URLs in the article)?”

As a writer, I can tell you copy-pasting things in an attempt to come up with something “unique” is nothing short of plagiarism, even if you do cite your sources. Cutts mentions how Yahoo “especially used to hate this technique”, which they referred to as “stitching”. “”If all you’re doing is just taking quotes from everybody else,” he says, “That’s probably not a lot of added value.”

There are proper ways to quote certain statements in a well-researched piece of content. Cutts mentions Wikipedia as an example. Well-written Wikipedia articles that follow the website’s guidelines use information from different sources, but present it in a way that summarizes all the key points and provides value to readers.

It’s surprising how many cheap SEO services still rely on the “stitching” method to come up with content quickly. Google’s algorithms are much smarter when it comes to content quality now, and so are your readers. Keep your content creation standards high by encouraging your writers to think creatively and having guidelines in place to discourage careless copy-pasting. Getting them into the habit of researching well, thinking creatively, and focusing on sharing something valuable to readers is the best way to produce great content that will keep your website ranking on Google.

We take pride in producing well-researched content that is truly unique. If you’re interested in our content creation and marketing services, contact us today.

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