New Pinterest API Allows Brands to Display

Pinterest is growing fast in terms of social sharing, and has been releasing a lot of new features, such as Promoted Pins. Last week, they announced the latest feature that your brand won’t want to miss.

The new feature allows website owners to install an API that displays their most popular pins right on their websites. The feature is currently being tested by a limited number of brands for now, including Zappos, Walmart, ModCloth, Random House, Target, and Whole Foods.

A screenshot of Zappo’s top pins page

Zappo’s top pins page displays their website’s most popular pins.

Pinterest provides retailers and brands interesting insights on consumer demand and preferences, and functions as an effective content and product discovery tool for consumers. This new feature allows consumers to discover hot new products that are receiving a lot of attention on Pinterest without even leaving your website.

A screenshot of Random House’s popular pins page

Each website has its own unique way of showing off their top pins. While Zappos shows off product photos with labels that indicate how many days the pin has been trending, Random House shows off larger photos of their popular book covers, and displays the number of pins through hover effects.

The top pins API the first of many APIs that Pinterest plans to roll out for partner sites. They are currently developing other APIs that can display other groups of pins on your website, including most recent pins, related pins, most clicked-through pins, and pins for specific search terms. They encourage anyone interested in integrating these APIs into their websites to fill out their API beta request form.

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