PeepCon 2.0: Where SEO Experts Converge for Industry Growth

PeepCon 2.0 Where SEO Experts Converge for Industry Growth

May 21 is another feat for the digital marketing community in the Philippines – PeepCon 2.0: The Philippines’ Premier Search Marketing Conference. Held at the AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City, this year’s PeepCon got bigger and bolder with the presence of SEO and digital marketing experts locally and internationally.

TrueLogic is proud to be a part of this conference. Beyond the expert insights and the networking opportunities, our core values extend to the growth of the SEO community and its members in the Philippines. We found PeepCon to be a great venue for this task.

PeepCon 2.0 is a convergence of digital marketing professionals, and this year’s attendance was met with over 200 professionals from the local community. The powerhouse panel roster of PeepCon 2.0 included Dan Petrovic of Dejan SEO, Michael King of iPullRank, Jon Cooper of Point Blank SEO, Jason Acidre of Xight Interactive, and Glen Dimaandal of GDI Online Marketing.

The folks of GDI Online Marketing did a remarkable job organizing the event. We asked founder and CEO Glen Dimaandal what was the hardest part about organizing PeepCon 2.0 and he said, “Logistics. We had our hiccups during the event unlike before. These are lessons we’ll be carrying if we ever do another event.” Nonetheless, it was a day that made another mark in the industry.

A Channel for the Growth of the Industry

Joining the event allowed TrueLogic to be intertwined with the industry, meeting new and familiar faces that make up a community of experts. The event is a ground for exchanging ideas for both the TrueLogic team and the delegates from different agencies whom we were glad to have interacted with.

Despite the history of SEO, only a few are able to keep up with the developments of the industry. The event gave birth to a channel that every digital marketing professional can use as a starting point for their respective fields.

Asked where he sees the Philippine SEO industry will advance in the next couple of years, Glen responds with this positive note, “There is plenty of room for new business emanating from within the country. Local businesses are growing more aware of digital marketing and its benefits. That can only mean more work for SEOs.”

Moving Forward to the International Scene

Glen sees the SEO community as small and tightly connected, with small and big players coming together and bringing better transfer of knowledge, and creating a better international presence.

“The international community is growing more aware of Filipino talent. Guys like Benj Arriola, Jason Acidre, and Sean Si have put us on the map. It’s up to a new generation of SEOs to rise and contribute where these industry legends have left off.”

When asked to comment on how the SEO community in the Philippines compares to other communities in the world (Australia and the US), Dan Petrovic told us, “I get an impression of a warm and close SEO community in the Philippines, which is a breath of fresh air. I’d like to see more SEO bloggers from the Philippines speaking their mind. It’s a great community to be honest and I don’t think I’d change it in any way.”

It’s More Than a Learning Experience and Exchange of Knowledge

Supporting the growth of the industry goes beyond providing actionable insights. PeepCon 2.0 is also an event that reaches out to members of the community who need assistance, and TrueLogic is proactive in providing a helping hand. This year’s PeepCon beneficiaries were the families of the late Gary Andrew Lacanilao and Carrina Canlas.

PeepCon 2.0 shows the best of the best in the digital marketing arena, and it’s an opportunity to stay connected with industry professionals rather than focus on the competition. We’re looking forward to the next PeepCon and the new ideas that will push the boundaries of digital marketing.

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