#SweatEatOut2015: TrueLogic Goes to Anilao, Batangas

TrueLogic Goes to Olympic Point Resort

TrueLogic took the word “teamwork” to a whole new level last June 27 and 28 as the company came together for this year’s summer outing event: #SweatEatOut2015. Set at the amazing Olympic Point Island Resort in Anilao, Batangas, #SweatEatOut2015 was filled with exciting challenges, competitive spirit and just pure fun. We cheerdanced, kayaked and partied our way to what is now a more tightly bonded family.

Day 1

Team Itamar vs. Team Bernard

Days before the outing, the entire company was divided into two major teams: Team Itamar and Team Bernard for the main event, which was the cheerleading competition.

First up was Team Bernard with their guerilla-inspired routine and infectious battle cry of “Who run the world? BERNS!” Team Itamar countered with their athletic formations bringing to mind of college sports fests.

Team Bernard Team Itamar Bernard and Itamar

Each team participated actively, displaying their jaw-dropping stunts and hidden dancing prowess, despite the limited time they had for rehearsals after work in the days leading up to the event.

Team Bernard Cheer Team Itamar Cheer

Later in the day, commercial model and master of ceremonies for #SweatEatOut2015, Wil Dasovich, announced the winner: Team Bernard!

Although both teams won bags of goodies, Team Bernard took away a shiny new trophy, not to mention a lot of bragging rights.

Team Bernard Cheerdance Champions

Amazing Race

Following the cheerdancing competition, TrueLogic employees were surprised yet again as we were broken down into even smaller teams: Blue Team, Yellow Team, Red Team, and Green Team for the Amazing Race challenge. Each team had to accomplish these five tough challenges in the least possible amount of time:

1. T & L Puzzle

TL Puzzle

2. Spider Web

Spider Web

3. Plank Walk

Plank Walk

4. Kayak


5. Water Relay

Water Relay

All teams accomplished the 5 challenges within the 35-minute mark, besting each other in the rankings by mere seconds. Yes, we’re all that competitive!

The winning team with the best time was the Yellow Team, led by CEO Itamar Gero, and they were awarded with the 8,000-peso grand prize. The Green Team took the second prize of 4,000 pesos, the Red Team came in third and got the 2,000-peso prize, while the Blue Team got the fourth prize of 1,000 pesos.

Post-Team Building Activities

After the competitive team building activities, everyone had the rest of the afternoon to themselves. Everybody spent their free time either swimming, paddle boating or kayaking. Others made the most of the resort’s facilities, including the billiard table and the basketball and volleyball courts. Some just chose to relax in the fabulous infinity pool.

Kayaking Swimming

Later that evening, everyone was treated to a sumptuous dinner, followed by a bonfire and a special dance performance by Marvin and Joana — with the surprise participation of TrueLogic’s CEO, Itamar Gero and General Manager, Bernard San Juan. Everyone then partied the night away, drink in hand, while DJ Arthur spun some great tunes!

TrueLogic Bonfire 2015

TrueLogic Party

Day 2

The Ball Games

The next day, two teams competed in the mixed volleyball game, while two other teams competed in a game of basketball. The team of Mica, Anton, Gary, Ciara, Sam, Edwin, Ella, and Joana won the volleyball game, while the team of Ton, Reed, EJ, Will, Rex, Rob, Eric, and Anton won the basketball match.

Volleyball Basketball

This year’s company summer outing ended with everyone enjoying the island resort all to themselves, swimming and mingling with employees from other departments.

People working the day shift met those working in the night shift, and those who don’t usually hang out with staff from other teams shared meals. Those who initially didn’t know each others’ names shared stories.

Thanks to the challenges and team building activities, as well as to the hands behind the successful event – Lydia, the HR team, and the folks at Olympic Point Island Resort – #SweatEatOut2015 didn’t just build a team; it created a family.

Team TrueLogic

Here’s looking forward to #SweatEatOut2016!

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