Track Search Trends around the World with Google Trends

Google Trends has been very helpful with monitoring what people are searching for in different locations around the world. When you go to the Google Trends page, you’ll see information about what terms are trending now, and search for previous

Now there’s an easier way for you to keep track of these searches. Google announced a new feature in Trends that lets you subscribe to any search topic you want to keep track of.

Google Trends
Google Trends’ new “Subscribe” feature

All you need to do is to type the search term you’d like to track, and it will take you to the page above where you can explore and compare based on search terms, locations, and time ranges. You’ll see the “Subscribe” button on the upper right corner of the section where you add terms / locations / time ranges. Below you’ll find more information about the search term you want to track.

Once you’ve clicked on “Subscribe,” you will see a pop-up window where you can tweak the settings of your subscription. Choose the search terms you want to track, the location, and the frequency of emails you’d like to receive, and click “Subscribe” below.

Google Trends
Google Trends subscription settings

This new feature is very useful for businesses and online marketers tracking a variety of search terms for your SEO campaigns. You won’t have to type in search terms repeatedly – you can just wait for an email. This new feature quite resembles Google Alerts, but hopefully without the technical glitches.


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