TrueLogic at SEMCON 2013

Last October 30-31, 2013, the 7th Search Engine Marketing Conference (SEMCON) was held at the Hotel Intercontinental in Makati City. TrueLogic shared knowledge and showed its leadership through its managing director, Clayton Wood, who was invited to be the first speaker of the conference.

His speech, entitled “Earning Visibility and Links Through Killer Content,” discusses how SEO is not dead and instead, it’s changing. Clayton notes that links should now be earned, not built, and doing this requires a content-centered strategy. Some of the points he discussed are:

  • Social engagement: Social is a great way to build your network and market your content without having to spend too much. It is also a great platform to show your relevance and knowledge.
  • Designing for user experience: You need to design your website to guide visitors towards completing your conversion goals (for example, design it to get your visitors to buy from you).
  • Principles of good content: Timing, relevance, and presentation matter when trying to earn links

The speech points out that content is still king, but you need to update your content strategy in order for it to be an effective SEO tool. See Clayton’s presentation below for more information.

Clayton’s speech was included in the highlights of the first day of SEMCON 2013, which was featured in the Philippine brand and communications magazine, Adobo Magazine. You can read about his speech and other highlights of the 7th SEMCON here.

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