The TrueLogic Wet Republic 2014

As soon as employees arrived and the party kicked into high gear, it was clear that The TrueLogic Wet Republic 2014 was going to be a blast! The TrueLogic team started to arrive in Liquid Pool and Lounge just after 5PM. As the searing heat of the Manila sun starts to fade, the employees trickled in, lining the edge of the pools. We didn’t know where to look: at the buffet table with the mouth-watering grilled pork and chicken dishes, the inviting mini-pools, or the well-stocked bar. The drinks lining up the bar – Grey Goose, Patron, Jack Daniel’s, etc. – loosened up the hardworking peeps. It’s party time!

True Logic Wet Republic 2014
TrueLogic Townhall – Manila Ocean Park Edition The sun set, dinner was served, and the DJ began his set with some Rihanna remixes. Townhall kicked off soon after with Marketing Director Clayton and CEO Itamar as hosts.

  • Feedback on a PPC Project: “I really appreciate the honesty. It builds trust. I’m way more inclined to push the button on campaigns knowing that you have my best ‘professional interests’ at heart, rather than just turning over numbers. Proper Account Management.
  • Feedback from another client: The Local Optimisation Report looks awesome; client wishes to thank TrueLogic.
  • From Angela and Operations, a shout-out to April of Operations, Jonas of Workforce, Jayvee and Rom-Jaye of Content, and Paolo of QA for a client’s On-Page Report.
  • From Rex and Workforce, a shout-out to Joan for successfully completing the creation of the new Workforce tasking guide
  • MJ, Content Manager and Zhai, Operations Manager also congratulated the following Writers and Editors for receiving the week’s cash incentive as they successfully hit their targets. Since June is a critical month, they are helping the team achieve content production higher than our capacity. A great achievement!

Writers: Justin, Bjorn, Rom-Jaye, Abby, Ely, Ysrael, and Andy Editors: Vince and Grisel

  • Shout-out from Zhai to the Disavow team (Stanley and Cesar) for the manual penalty revocation of two link clean-up projects.
  • And finally, a shout-out from MJ (on behalf of everybody) thanking the HR boys for organizing the Wet Republic 2014.

Special Announcements

  • Everyone cheered and congratulated newly-promoted QA Specialists Hannah and Edwin.
  • Pam of Finance celebrates her birthday on June 27.

After Townhall After Townhall, the merriment continued. The party people started dancing, swigging cold beer from the minibars, and chatting up with colleagues. Pocholo, a Jr. Web Content Writer, lightened up the event some more with a mesmerizing poi dance exhibition.

Beer Drinking Contest

Games organized by Sam and Mica from Operations and the cash prizes given away were the highlights of the night. The first game, Beer Drinking Contest, saw the CEO being hailed as the champion. Followed by Trip to Jerusalem with the Department Managers dancing to Psy’s Gentlemen. Finally, teams from each group piled up wet-soaking clothes for The Wet Tower contest. Everyone who joined the midyear event felt it was a welcome break to the daily routine and that the Wet Republic was one of the year’s highlights. We all look forward to more fabulous company events in 2014 and in the years to come.

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