Truelogic’s Sold Out SEO Workshop: Here’s What Happened

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If you are new to SEO or work for a company that wants to embrace it, we understand that it could be a very difficult task and at one point or another, you have trouble even speaking of how this could benefit your organization. Alternatively, maybe you already have a team in place but are just lost in the never-ending updates that Google rolls out and have trouble really getting ahead. Either way, we know it could be a challenging task.

Just to give you a brief background, here at TrueLogic, we believe that continuous educating and training is imperative for any company to survive. This is why we created a completely separate department called TrueLogic Learning Center, to focus on continuously training our employees on new updates, best practices and a whole lot of other topics. Later, we decided to not just limit it to internal employees but offer it to other organizations as well. And here we are…

Future Proof Your SEO Strategy for 2015

The workshop was held at the AIM Conference Center Makati on July 31st and was greeted with an overwhelming response from different companies and even freelancers. We had a total of 80 attendees from what was only initially planned to be 30 that were eager to learn from our subject matter experts. Here’s a quick recap in case you missed it:

Our Subject Matter Experts

Clayton Wood

Most people already know Clayton but if you do not, well, one thing’s for sure, you should. He is our Marketing Director here at TrueLogic and someone that I work with on a daily basis. He has launched and successfully delivered results to thousands of marketing campaigns in various verticals over the past few years of his career.

Here are a few things that Clayton talked about:

  • On-Page and Off-Page Optimization
    • Do’s and Don’ts
    • Strategies
    • Implementation
  • Base lining Ranking Performance
    • Analytics
    • Webmaster Tools
    • Keyword Trackers
  • Digital Footprints
  • Identifying User Intent
  • Identifying Goals and Objectives
  • Landing Page Relevancy

Key take aways:

  • Search Ranking isn’t always the best goal for new businesses and traffic is sometimes not relevant—intent is.
  • Ensure that your keywords that are targeting are landing on the right pages. Either informational, transactional, navigational or commercial
  • Creating high value content such as link bait and infographics are great ways to acquire links
  • Guest blogging is still a great strategy
  • Social Signals matter

To future proof your strategy, Clayton explained the importance of quality vs quantity. And one of the most compelling things that was shared with the group was a graph from distilled that shows factors for a successful link bait.

Bernard San Juan III

Bernard is our General Manager whom of which has a long history of working on e-commerce and anything digital. In fact, his entire career IS digital and it screams when he starts talking about Search and Marketing. If you were ever stuck in an elevator with him, his technical background will keep you entertained—make sure you bring a notepad and pen with you though.

Bernard covered the history of Google, its algorithms and the basic factors that determine how Google’s search engine results works:

  • On-Page
  • Off-Page
  • Page Rank
  • Behavior
  • Quality
  • Referral Behavior

There was an activity that all the attendees participated in, it gave attendees a list of words that they had to match with each of the 6 basic factors. Was a great way to get the audience to interact and participate in the event and at the same time, learn how these factors play a role in the search engine algorithms.

A couple of other things that Bernard talked about were, the war between Google and Apple and where Search is headed in the years to come. The key take a ways here were simply to get to know how search engines work. After all, to be good at something, you must know how it works first.

This workshop was a milestone for the TrueLogic Learning Department and a successful learning event. We don’t plan on stopping here. Please look out for future workshops that will range from beginner to advanced. Keep updated by visiting our workshop page.

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