Video Ad Viewership Increased By More than Twice in 2013

Digital analytics solutions provider comScore recently released data showing that video ads more than doubled its views in 2013 compared to November 2012. The number of video ads viewed by November 2013 totaled 26.8 billion, which is more than twice the 10.5 billion viewed video ads from the same time last year. This goes to show just how quick the rise of video and visual media is in online marketing.

Some of the most notable findings comScore released include the fact that video ads accounted for 36.2% of all videos viewed online from November 2012 – November 2013. This also makes up 4.4% of the total minutes spent viewing videos online.

Google Sites Top Video Content Properties List

Thanks to the highly popular video platform YouTube, Google sites topped the list of U.S. online video content properties ranked by unique video viewers. They top the charts with more than 163.5 million total unique views. AOL, Inc. follows at #2 with 73 million unique viewers and Facebook lands on #3 at 66 million. These numbers do not include ad videos yet.

Check out the rest of the online video properties that ranked:

Top 10 Video Content Properties Ranked by Unique Viewers
Top 10 Video Content Properties Ranked by Unique Viewers

Nearly 26.8 Billion Video Ads Reached

AOL was able to stay at #1 for video ad properties by video ads viewed. They received almost 4 billion ad impressions and 1.8 billion total ad minutes. Google came in second at 3.6 billion ad impressions and 365 million total ad minutes.

The audience reach percentage of all the video ad properties combined total 55.8%. Hulu had the highest frequency of video ad delivery per viewer, with an average reaching almost 89.

Top U.S. Online Video Ad Properties Ranked by Video Ads Viewed
Top U.S. Online Video Ad Properties Ranked by Video Ads Viewed

VEVO Still Top YouTube Partner Channel

comScore also looked into the top YouTube partner channels, and music video channel VEVO still holds the top spot with 42.6 million views. Global YouTube network for creators and brands Fullscreen held on to the second spot with 30.5 million views, while online media producer and distributor Maker Studios Inc. holds the third spot with 27.3 million views. Maker Studios Inc. also held the highest engagement, getting 71 minutes per viewer. These results show the growing power of videos in online marketing.

Top 10 YouTube Partner Channels
Top 10 YouTube Partner Channels

These results only prove the growing power videos and visual media have on your target market. With 87.1% of the U.S. Internet audience alone viewing video content, you can increase your audience reach just by offering video content on your site and on different online media platforms. Talk to us today to create a video marketing strategy for your brand.

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