Wake Up Call: Why Brands Shouldn’t Ignore Mobile Marketing

Consider these scenarios:

A food delivery service company sees a dip in sales despite their efforts to increase their number of clients for this month. They then find out that their competitor recently implemented a smartphone app that allows customers to track orders. It might seem like little things, but the reality is that it is a massive thing to overlook.

An online store owner mistakenly believes that his website can accommodate all types of online payments. Later on, a customer has pointed out that one of the payment gateways the store uses doesn’t support smartphones and tablets. This may translate into lower sales, especially if the majority of the customers use mobile devices to shop.

Let’s face it. A business that doesn’t see the potential of the smartphones may find it hard to deal with modern consumers , especially in this age where everything runs on the information superhighway that is the Internet. The situations above only illustrate what your business is missing out on if you do not include the idea of mobile in your plans.

Given the many ways they affect a person’s life, forward-thinking marketers have realized that these devices can be used as a marketing platform. They predicted that these technologies can contribute to better customer engagement and foster brand loyalty. They are not wrong. Smartphones and tablets have modernized direct marketing, which has resulted in significant changes in customer behavior.

The rise of mobile is unstoppable, and you need to make it part of your marketing strategy. Joining the mobile revolution is easy enough, but it is still best to equip yourself with the knowledge needed to succeed.


Quick Facts and Figures

In an article written by Aaron Strout for Marketing Land, we learned that there are 3.65 billion unique global mobile users. From this figure alone, you can easily deduce that many people own a smartphone or a tablet computer; 1.91 billion of those actually use smartphones. Now, you can see potential customers.

Furthermore, Strout cited an eMarketer article, which states that this figure will reach 2 billion by next year. If you can digest these figures, you will realize that your business needs to tap the use of mobile to reach more customers.


Brands to Look Up to

Mobile Payment Application

As Internet-ready mobile devices have changed consumer behaviors, some of the world’s biggest brands have followed the trend to make their products and services more accessible. For one, Starbucks has adopted a mobile payment application to streamline transactions. The payments the company receives now accounts for 16% of all Starbucks transactions.

Film giant Lionsgate utilized mobile marketing techniques to promote The Hunger Games. Other than placement of ads, the company used a mobile website where customers can view video trailers and find movie theaters. An application called “What’s My District” furthered customer engagement. Two years ago, Chipotle launched a mobile game called “The Scarecrow.” To reinforce the campaign, the company has come up with a short animated film.


What You Need to Do

Mobile marketing campaigns are effective, and the response solicited from customers can be quick and direct. But before you come up with something like what the brands above did, start with what is easy and obvious. Make your website responsive first. A website that is customized for mobile devices will improve user experience.

Responsive Website Design

Be conscious about what you put on your mobile website. Don’t be dependent on flashy ads and other heavy elements, as they will slow down your website. The design should be minimalistic, given the size of the screen. More importantly, make sure that your site is optimized well for search. Once you’re done with the basics, you can start work on your own mobile app or think of a new way to attract customers using smartphones and tablet computers.

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