Weekly Recap: February 24-28, 2014

The end of the month is always an exciting time for the TrueLogic team, and last week was no exception. We wrapped up the month by rewarding good work and encouraging more innovation as we launched TrueLogic’s Innovator Awards 2014. Let’s have a look at the highlights of the past week.

Town Hall Recap

Bernard and Clayton led last week's month-end Town Hall meeting
Bernard and Clayton led last week’s month-end Town Hall meeting

Several teams received recognition for their hard work this past week. Both the Mica-Carlo tag team and the On-Page team were commended for gaining significant progress on challenging campaigns. We’ve always taken pride in the effectiveness of our methodology, but the effort they exerted has helped take these campaigns to the next level. The entire Marketing Team also received a nod for all the hard work they’ve put into our internal brands.

We celebrated the regularization of Karen, who was also promoted and is now our Training Manager. We also gave away Service Awards to Marlon and Raffy. They were previously cited for contributing to the success of our company for the past three years. We’re very grateful for the contributions of all our team members, and we’re looking forward to seeing how else they will innovate and improve our culture.

At the end of the month, we have a mini-celebration for all the birthday celebrants of that month, and on Friday we called our ten birthday celebrants for February to blow out their candles. Finally, we did the first part of our On Time, Big Time raffle draw, where we gave ten lucky people tickets to see Paula Valstein at the International Jazz Gala here in Manila.

Encouraging Innovation

Many of our achievements as a company were brought about by innovations like our dashboard and Compass, which were both conceptualized and developed by our wonderful team. We want to celebrate to innovative minds behind our products and ideas, and give everyone the chance to make their voices heard and contribute to the company’s success. This brings us to the main highlight of the previous week: the launch of the TrueLogic Innovator Awards 2014.

We’re encouraging everyone in our company to submit their suggestions on improving our company. Everything from our culture, products, processes, tools, strategy, methodology, and anything relevant to the TrueLogic team and our company’s success is included. We’ll be selecting the best ideas monthly, assessing the results quarterly, and then giving annual awards along with the Game Changer awards we give at our Christmas party. We’ll be giving away prizes to members of our team with the most innovative ideas.

The Innovator Awards is part of our effort to acknowledge the hard work, creativity, and ingenuity that our team members contribute to the company. This is just one of the many ways we foster an environment of innovation in our company.

This sums up the events from last week. Make sure to keep checking back for the latest industry news and tips, and come back next week for the recap of the week to come!



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