Why Every Business Needs a Proper Social Media Strategy

What is digital marketing without social media? Social media has become an online marketing channel that no business or brand should go without. The problem is there are still a lot of business owners and executives who need more convincing before they get on the social media bandwagon, or have trouble understanding that an effective social media requires them to go beyond registering for accounts on all multiple social media channels.

A comic strip related to social media, created by Tom Fishburne

(Comic by Tom Fishburne)

Social Media Benefits on a Company Level

Any company can benefit from social media if they use it properly, whether they want to curate content, communicate with their clients, promote events, build up your reputation as an industry leader, increase website traffic, or improve sales. The variety of social media channels and audiences give you the opportunity to create an integrated and effective marketing campaign for your company. Each social network is ideal for specific types of posts and curated content.

Let’s use a fictional company as an example, If I wanted to run a social media campaign for a local catering service, here’s how I would use each major social channel:

  • Facebook: Share promos and specials, upload photo albums, promote events
  • Google+: Create video hangouts, post visual content like videos and photos, write insightful and informative articles (you can read more on this in my previous blog post on increasing engagement on Google+)
  • Twitter: Follow loyal customers and brand advocates, retweet relevant posts from customers and business partners, share article or blog post links
  • Pinterest: Create relevant pinboards for pinning/repining relevant photos (such as seasonal food, food inspiration, or recommended cookbooks), run pinning contests to encourage users to pin visual content from the business’ website
  • LinkedIn: Post about relevant company news (including job openings), share informative articles, reach out to potential business partners or new hires
  • YouTube: Publish and share informative cooking videos, videos from catering events, and branded videos (such as interviews or behind-the-scenes videos)

Getting to know your brand, your audience, and your industry better can help you come up with a well-rounded campaign that covers all your social channels.

Social Media Benefits on a Personal Level

Creating a social media presence for a business’ owners and executives gives them a good opportunity to show off their expertise and helps humanize the brand. Allowing customers to connect with important people in your company makes your company easier to relate to, and helps you develop a stronger relationship with your customer base.

There are Facts and Figures to Back It Up

Nothing beats a presentation of facts and success stories when it comes to proving how important social media is. You can find plenty of case studies and reports that show how social media can improve sales, build brand awareness, and help you reach out to more valuable and loyal customers. This article by Lauren Fisher on The Next Web, for example, has 10 case studies provide solid examples of businesses that have used social media to their advantage. One of the popular examples Fisher included is the Old Spice social media campaign, which increased sales 55% in the first three months and made Old Spice the number one brand for men’s body wash.

Keep reading our blog for more tips on improving your social media marketing, or talk to us and let us handle your campaign.

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