This October on Truelogic DX 2021: Finding the Right Digital Partners

How Digital-Ready Are You?

Companies from all industries and of all sizes are making extra efforts to transition into Digital.

It’s helping businesses source new leads, drive e-commerce, and nurture offline customers who have gone online.

But while Digital can be a great leveller for businesses, the transition isn’t easy.

When you aren’t ready to do it all yourself, you need partners. Partners to help you with marketing, fulfillment, logistics. Your choice.

Because once you come online, expectations from customers are high.

How and Where Do You Find the Right Partners?

Join us on our next Truelogic DX webinar titled: Digital Partnerships: Finding the Right Ones, and learn how Ardent World, Inc. – the company behind rising FMCG beauty brands Gluta-C and Moringa-O2 – is navigating Digital with the help of strategic partnerships.

This webinar, which is happening on Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 2PM PHT, will feature Nico Share, Ardent World Brand Manager, who is handling the company’s digital initiatives.

Nico will speak to Truelogic Managing Partner Bernard San Juan III to cast light on how you can activate your digital marketing and e-commerce capabilities with the right partners.

They will also delve on topics such as channel competition, distribution, and fulfillment – and be there to answer your questions.

We hope you can join us! Please visit this link to register and get your own personal invitation to our Zoom webinar.

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