Boost Your Sales with these Ecommerce Marketing Tips and Tactics

E-Commerce Marketing: Tips and Tactics That Make the Sale

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Ecommerce Tips That Make the Sale


Many businesses coming online for the first time aren’t immediately confident they can make the sale.

They use SEO to create visibility for the website. 

If they have the advertising budget, they drive traffic to their website through Google ads or ads on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. 

Once they land on your website, can you take them to a product page, help them Add to Cart, and complete a payment transaction? 

If you aren’t sure, you need more ecommerce marketing strategies and tactics to move your customer along. 

Take a look at these ideas to help you structure a plan. 


Educate Your Customers


An uninformed customer is an undecided customer, and you will not make a sale; not immediately. 

What can you do to educate them about your product in the meantime? 

A blog is the most logical place to store and organize your information – answering the Whats, the Whys, and the Hows. Your product pages must also have the information the customer needs. Listings information is precious and should be used to maximum advantage. 


Visualize the Product 

Too often ecommerce websites fail to provide strong, useful, and accurate pictures of the product they are selling. Together with product specifications, they make all the difference. 

Use still shot photography to showcase the product from different angles, front and back. Use closeups for labels and product packaging that reassure the visitor the product is well-made and authentic. 

Video is increasingly easy to use to demonstrate product features and applications. Target your best selling products first, then build up your video content to boost more of your products. Even a 30-second to 2 minute video will be enough!

Shoot or visualize the product in its truthful dimensions. It’s not worth losing business to irate customers who received a product that is much smaller than what’s in the pictures. 

With some time and resources you can build up an archive of video content that you can reuse over and over – not just on your website, but also on your social media properties.


Incentivize Reviews 

Can you incentivize customers to leave a review, maybe with rewards points, or a next-purchase discount? 

One of the easiest ways to get this going is through an email marketing campaign that takes care of the customer after the sale. 

Award gifts or prizes for the best reviews and publicize these on your social media channels. 


Offer Social Proof

Did you capture visitors’ through a social media post or an advertisement?

In addition to information and good reviews, customers appreciate visual evidence that others like your offering. 

Offer social proof in the form of video testimonials and photos from satisfied buyers. Yes, reviews are social proof as well. 

Publish them on your product pages or on other prominent sections of your website. 

This will warm up prospective customers who are already in the middle of the funnel – and bring them closer to a final decision. 


Set up a Refund, Return, and Exchange Policy 

This takes time to construct because you have at least four things to take care of: 

  • Your legal terms and conditions that govern a sale
  • Investigating a customer request for a refund, return, or exchange
  • The logistics involved in returning a product
  • The process of refunding a customer.

But more and more, ecommerce websites have made this a standard practice to foster customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Many customers understand that certain types of products are not acceptable for exchange; the important thing is to set correct expectations and to clarify your policy any time a customer asks. 


Get Your Ecommerce Business Going

Many of these tactics work for ecommerce businesses, whether you’re bootstrapping your marketing efforts as a small or medium-sized business, or starting to scale up your enterprise ecommerce efforts. 

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