Yahoo! Announces Acquisition of Qwiki

It wasn’t long ago that Vine was launched, and that Instagram released their own video functionality. Now Vine and Instagram beware: Yahoo! is entering the mobile video app scene.

Yahoo! and Qwiki, a start-up mobile video app company, both announced the former’s acquisition of the latter yesterday. Doug Imbruce, founder of Qwiki, shared in the company’s official blog that they were thrilled to be joining Yahoo!. He also that their mobile app will continue being supported, which Yahoo! has not done with some of the startups they have recently acquired.


“The Qwiki app will live on as a standalone entity inside Yahoo!, where we will grow our thriving community and where our team will continue to work to help you share life’s best experiences,” said Imbruce in the blog.

Reimagining Storytelling

Yahoo!’s latest acquisition is in line with the growing need for richer content and more vivid storytelling online. According to Yahoo!’s Tumblr blog, “The Qwiki app automatically turns pictures and videos that you already have on your iPhone into quick, beautiful movies to share, including transitions and a soundtrack.”

“[The Qwiki] team will join Yahoo! in our New York city office to reimagine Yahoo!’s storytelling experience.”


Judging from this statement, Yahoo! users can expect Qwiki integration all over Yahoo! soon, most likely including search. This will mean richer, more personalized search results similar to Google. How much of Qwiki will be seen on Yahoo!’s interface and how the acquisition will change the app has yet to be determined in the days to come.

The Mobile Video Sharing Trend

Judging from our two previous blog entries, mobile video sharing is becoming an important tool not only for storytelling, but also for being found. Combining mobile and video channels is very convenient and useful for marketers, especially since these two channels combined offer visual impact at virtually no cost. It is also ideal for viral marketing and branding because the videos produced through various mobile video apps can easily be shared on social networks integrated in the apps.

Talk to us today to learn more about optimizing your mobile videos for online marketing, and creating a branding strategy using different mobile video apps. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you reimagine your storytelling.

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Karen de Castro

Karen de Castro

Karen de Castro is a Marketing Copywriter for TrueLogic. She graduated from UP Diliman and worked in a major television station in the Philippines before coming to TrueLogic. When she's not writing PRs, blogs and other marketing collateral, you will find her in the kitchen, cooking and baking different concoctions and aspiring to become a chef. Traveling, photography and music keep her imagination active.